It's going to be an interesting journey I think. With what we have discussed it could take any number of directions, all seemingly positive. Time will tell...Meanwhile I go to Ferrari, have a meeting, get them to make me an espresso and pretend I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

P.s. I'd send you a pile of cash to take an Aussie holiday with the family before I bought a Ferrari.


Haha, that's via your a fucking legend!

I do exactly the same in my job. It seems to work, deep down I worry that I might know what I'm talking about, lol

Lol...You know when your deception has reached full penetration when even you start believing it! It seems our professional lives align perfectly. Our careers are spooning.

Career spooning sounds like something far worse than it is!! Lol

Aye, it's the new normal. 😂

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