Let's levitate

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There is a one photography trick that will make your photos interesting just with a touch of editing. That's levitation photography. From equipment you will need camera and a tripod, but even if you don't have tripod you can use table or chair, just something that has flat top and it's sturdy. Next really important thing is camera settings, you should take two same exposure photos and that mean you should take photos at manual mode. Next thing, you need to take two photos, one with only background and one with you in it, jumping, sitting on stool or whatever you want. Next, photoshop magic or any photo software that can use layer masks because you need to remove stool or object that helped you making things levitate.

At the end, experiment, make ideas and just shoot. :)







My favorite is the lawn mower pulling a wheelie with you holding on for dear life... :>)

Thanks for the laugh... I feel a lot better now.

Најбоља фотографска забава која се може замислити, @miroslavrc. Реблог. 😊

Slazem se :D Hvala za reblog. :D

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