Living in village

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As you probably know, I live in little village nearby Zrenjanin, Serbia. My opinion about pets while living in village is that you don't need to have them inside your house, I mean, you live in village, you have backyard, let them enjoy in nature, they will enjoy much better than in house. But, there is some downside to this, they can easily run away or just someone can take them with them. That's what is happening often when you have such adorable kittens or puppies. That happened to our Bole, someone took him and brought with him, or maybe he just got lost while walking around our street. We have to accept that every time we have newborn kitten or puppy, it's hard but we can't do anything about them because they are too young to know way home. Still, I won't let them inside to live with me, few years ago I thought about letting pet inside but now I'm thinking that would be bad idea. You have to let them enjoy in nature, especially when you live in village.

I'm sad because of his disappearance but I have to accept that and move on. I won't forget him.







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