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Hello people! So, in my last post I told you that I bought new lens that is pretty cool. Today, few more test shots with that lens, theme is Nature that surrounds me. By the way, photos were taken few minutes before I started writing this post.

I have Canon 6D for a few months now, maybe it's close to a year now, I can't remember when I bought this camera. When I bought this camera I didn't had any wide angle lens, widest was 50mm. Now, I have 24-70mm lens that will stay in this camera body for a long time, everything will be shot with this lens from now on, only macro photos will be taken with different lens. :D

While I was taking photos at 24mm with wide open aperture I was stunned by the contrast and sharpness that it can produce. Corners of the photos are not the sharpest but when you stop down aperture you can get pretty sharp photo overall. Photos of landscape seems like I was taking HDR photo because I got pretty good shadow details and details on highlights.

Anyways, enough of me talking, enjoy looking at these photos. :)










Great photos, I love the second photo!!

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Those specklely clouds over the tree are really cool!