002 Pastor Peter John Peters: Prophet And Remnant

in OCD25 days ago

This video is dedicated to my brothers who walk alone and wonder if the masses will ever begin to comprehend the gravity of the situation. "Is something wrong with me?", is a question every remnant has tried to answer. The answer is no, there is nothing wrong with you. You're different. God selected you and had to separate you. You observe the world with righteous eyes, unlike the masses. A while ago, my colleague got triggered by my statement "opinions of people do not matter. They're as replaceable as piston rods.". Back then, I had no idea just how Biblically right and oriented my statement was. God calls them "dogs", and says they're worthless. Whenever the Lord wanted to accomplish something marvelous, He never used more than one man, so, forget about "reaching masses" with precious information you may be holding, for they're not destined to know the truth and be free. In fact, some of them are too scared to get separated from the Egyptian (Worldy) system that has enslaved us through our hearts a long time ago. How many times have you tried to share precious information with the people, only to be rejected, and ridiculed? "Intelligencia" thinks you're an oddball, while the masses are either not interested in what you're saying, or they're literally prevented from hearing it by the cognitive dissonance. Nevertheless, you have to keep moving in that direction. "Why? What's the point of telling the truth if nobody wants to hear it?", the same question bothered Jeremiah. God answered, "You know not the remnant.". You see, instant gratification is not the way the Lord works. Sometimes, you have to plant a seed and let it grow. Again, you don't want thousands of people to accept your information. Usually, if the great truth is being spoken, only a handful of people worldwide will be able to comprehend it. Righteousness is the key that unlocks the doors of having the right to know the truth! The truth is expensive! It can set you free. Not all people deserve to be free, that's why most people will usually have no idea what you're talking about. On the other hand, we are different, not just mentally and physically but in terms of assignments. Someone who has been assigned to be a great military commander may be clueless when it comes to agriculture, so, don't allow anybody's words to pierce your heart. Anyways, enough of ranting, back to the story of prophets and the remnants: "They will build a new society (house)", the Lord says, therefore, the collapse of our present-day topsy-turvy Soddom and Gomorrah should be expected. It doesn't take more than a handful of healthy brain cells to come to the conclusion that we won't be racing to the abyss for much longer, 'cause the finish line is before our noses.

The real courage is speaking the truth when it means that every single person will "quit following you", said pastor Peters, 'cause in the Babylonian world, speaking the truth is a guarantor of loss of the economic base, friends, and sometimes, even your family. In Matthew 10:14, Jesus said whenever someone refuses to receive our words, we are to shake the dust off our feet and depart from that house.

Here are some keys that describe the remnant-personality: they feel a great burden when exposed to the world. Remnants simply cannot fit in, 'cause they despise the injustice, immorality, and all other fruits of the Babylonian society. They also can't keep quiet. A remnant will speak the truth even if that means imprisonment and suffering. So, yes, they could be called lone-wolfs.

I'd like to say just one more thing: most noble men believe they as individuals can't do much. Let me just remind you of the Biblical story: how many children were killed by Satanic forces while they've been looking for ONE? God has never needed more than one. If you have nobody and nothing but God, you have more than enough. One with God is the majority.

Alright, enough of ranting. Have a great day. Glory to Christ.