'Classroom' mindset for success!

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Remember those school days of us, how we used to pay attention. How we generate new ideas, show our efforts, and work on increasing our intelligence level. Well, maybe I didn't out intentional efforts to do so but the system helped us a lot to act that way and to achieve.



This school of life comes to us with a lot more opportunities. We just need to pay our attention and effort to explore them. And when we are talking about shaping our mindset just like a classroom, we are focusing on taking more challenges, seeing mistakes as failures, or approach success differently.

Be more focused on what life lessons you are going through.

Point our your mistakes.

Learn more in every way.

Exam yourself just like a school exam.

Challenger yourself to do better.

Measure the growth.

Run the circle.

I know it sounds easy but it's not. When we leave school, we come up with the idea of freedom. Yeah, freedom is good but forgetting to take responsibilities, working on making progress, and growing ourselves as a person is unacceptable. That's why a classroom mindset is necessary.

Challenge yourself. Start with a simple thing. Like adopting a new positive habit or finishing your office project. See from your teacher's perspective; how they will mark you, what you need to better. Take an exam of yourselves and evaluate yourself to see how you are doing. This process will gradually automate in your life and it will help you a lot to achieve success.

It may sound silly to adopt this mentality. But for many, this is the only thing that keeps them moving. You can take an example of any person to see how routine their life was, how they learned from mistakes, and worked on their progress. Because classroom mentality helps us to take anything seriously.


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