[Blog #98] Five Years Anniversary & Tips for Beginners

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Heeeyho Readers! Time flies and here we are to celebrate another anniversary!

Holy fucks, I'm not twenty anymore.

Five years ago I joined Steem that who shall not be named blockchain. A lot has changed since then, including a mass migration of sexy humans to the new Hive blockchain. Friends have come and gone throughout the years. Many persisted. That's how it works on this wild blogging platform: consistency and seeking constant improvement is rewarded one day.

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Five years of blogging — with a few breaks in between — is quite a milestone. That's 519 posts and countless words. There are more achievements, I know, but I'm not the one to flex; nor do I feel like turning this post into a retrospective {boooooring}. Instead, let me use the opportunity to share tips for beginners and the knowledge (if any) acquired during these five years.

Find your Purpose

If you join a platform you gotta have a purpose. Today, the blockchain goes beyond blogging; some users join to play games, etc (that's a different category). If you come for the blogging experience, there must be a purpose. It's tempting to join when you see user's rewards and I understand payouts may change someone's life. On the other hand, sharp curators identify right away those who are forcing it. Examples of desperate users: translated or plagiarized content, lazy writing, lack of interaction, excessive use of third party images without sourcing.

Those who succeed as bloggers have something in common (among other characteristics): they are passionate about writing and the subject of interest. If you can't find a passionate subject, perhaps you shouldn't post. It's alright. Maybe you are better with videos, or playing games, or an outstanding photographer. Find a purpose!

Join Communities

Awesome! You have found a subject that you love talking about (travel, adventure, food, gaming, sports, homesteading, etc). It's time to find a community that matches your content. Posting in the correct community is a great way to interact with like-minded people and get seen by curators. Again, failed users tend to pop on various communities in a desperate move to get some attention — such behavior is easily spotted. Exploring different communities is normal when it's an organic process as you evolve as a person (our interests change after all). Be genuine!

Interact and Make Friends

Every veteran will tell you to interact! Follow those whose content appeal you and go through your following feed everyday to check on people's content. I wouldn't follow thousands of writers; it only serves to create a messy feed, but that's up to you. Leave genuine comments, participate in contests, join Discord channels, act with respect. Give it enough time and you'll make some great friends that will support you back. Just remember: it takes time and effort!

Improve Your Skills

Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better than today.

There's nothing more appealing than reading a well-written text with balanced image spacing. Blogging skills range from improving your grammar, to learning basic markdown tricks. Beautiful images add to the final result.

Personally, I love to study grammar and structure. As a non-native English speaker, exploring different punctuation and vocabulary makes me feel good — and adds a sexy touch to the text. Also, playing with markdown improves a post exceptionally well. If you are not that nuts, at least review your text before posting. Don't rush!

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Build up your Reputation

Reputation goes beyond the number near your name; it's an intrinsic value, an integral part of your personality, the result of your on-chain activity. Don't destroy your reputation for more rewards (believe me, I've seen it happen.)

I understand those who cash out their rewards. Struggles in times of crisis are real and it's not up to anyone to judge. However, building up your account shows commitment to the community. My advice is to power up as much as you can and only cash out once you establish a solid account.

Be Patient!

Five years is a lot of time! I'm by no means a famous Hivean, though persistence gifted me some amazing rewards during this time — the result of everything before-mentioned. Making friends, some of whom I met in real life, has by far surpassed any sum of money. However, it took months create solid connections.

A beginner's life is not easy: you have a lot of information to digest and often your post won't bomb. If you are posting regularly and interacting and still not growing, maybe it's time to ask a veteran to give some feedback.

Anyways. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy your progression. After years of posting, you'll look back at your content and laugh at how bad they were.


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Disclaimer: The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking and more than 5.000 km cycling. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

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Just catching up on what I missed during our African travels and look what I found! Our Arthurito aka Mr. Professor himself celebrating his fifth birthday on the chain! How cool is that? Belated congrats on this epic milestone my friend! To many many more years with us! :) Oh and Happy New Year too! :D

Yooooo! Many years to come, I hope. You in Africa? Epic.
Happy New Year and let's see if I get my feet going in 2023

Gosh, 5 years!!!! I think we are here forever now,.no?.

We've sold our soul, gone, ciao xDD there's no going back

Wow 5 years 🎉🎉🎉🎉 congratulations Arthur 😎🤩
Great achievement!

Great post with good advice for the newbies around here.
Have an awesome day and Merry Christmas 🎄
Take care 😊

Yeeee thank you! Quite a milestone and surprising that I kept motivated all these years.
A super sexy Christmas and New Year for you too!

You are so welcome @mrprofessor 👋🏻😊
It is such a milestone! Cool you did and I ran into you here 😉
Thank you so much! Let it be a super sexy Christmas 🎄 and amazing new year for all 🎉🤩
Excited I Love U GIF by i-love-you

Hey professor. Happy anniversary! 5 years is really much haha. I'm just a little 7 month old minnow right now 😂

Your experience is really important for all of us, especially newbies. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you!
You're doing an amazing job here and building your account a hella fast. Nicely done!

Thank you man. I need to be fast to build my account haha. I'm not here for 5 years like you 😅


Thank you! And you are going for a 6th anniversary. We're getting old \o\

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5 years! This is wow , congratulations
Your post is indeed helpful
Thank you for sharing your experiences

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