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Now, Logiczombie contests are one of the peculiar kind which calls for new, and some times, unchartered ways to look at a situation. If you understand the situation then you come out with your understanding in the form of a story.

The situation that is expected to be discussed here is the Cyber Pirates vs Werewolf Ninjas. What are they? And how do you participate? Go ahead and check the link that I have shared.

Have fun participating!


The Skin Civilization [Cyber Pirates]


Millenia of war with the Transparent people had taken its toll on the Skin civilization. The largest civilization on the planet was unable to explain the Transparent people, let alone fighting them in war. Jubei, the Chief of the Skin people, was considered as one of the best, yet when it came to the Transparent people, he was as much in a loss as anybody else.

Kadranoloc, the Chief's daughter, was a pure soul who knew only to be happy. She would love to be around her father and watched him taking care of the daily affairs. Jubei too loved his daughter's innocent questions and took pleasure in answering them.

"Why aren't you happy when anybody asks you about the Transparent people?" Kadranoloc prodded.

Jubei's frown explained his predicament around the subject, or maybe, the lack of knowledge around the issue. "We don't know what to do with them?"


"Because we don't see them often, but whenever we do, they are they are around our living space."

"So, what is wrong if they are around our living space?"

"Well, they will sooner or later lay claim to our place and fight against us for the place."

"Have they fought before?"

"No, but then why are they here if they don't want to fight?"

"How long have been fighting them, father?"

"Thousands of years. Or maybe more."

"If they haven't asked for our place in so many years, why would they ask now?"

Jubei fell silent. He remembered asking the same question to his father. And he still remembered the answer.

"There are some things we need to follow from the wisdom of our elders who are now gone. They understood that the Transparent people could not be trusted, and so we follow that wisdom," and with that, he gave Kadranoloc the same answer that his father gave him.


The Transparent People [Ninja Warriors]


"We need to spend more time to understand the Skin people," Shalok made his point, "why do they grow aggressive when they see us?"

"I won't waste my energy on that," Samhar was clear that there was no question of accommodating any civilization which attempted to put a blockade to the Transparent people's freedom of movement.

"Not all of us are stopped by them—only a few. And even you know that," Shalok countered.

"If they stop a few of us today, and we concede, then they will stop the others too."

"I don't think it is as simple as that," Shalok said, "on more than one occasion I have seen Skin people being fine with my presence to the extent of being oblivious. Only sometimes they grow aggressive at my very sight."

"Why is that?"

"I don't know why, but when that one person is attacking you, do the others try to stop him?"

Shalok knew that the answer would only bolster Samhar's point, "no."

"So, then why would you trust them. They will all eventually turn against you, and they will turn against all of us," Samhar then bowed to Sarling, their King. Being the leader of the Transparent people's attack force, he was determined to ensure that his people were never threatened from moving freely.

Shalok, the wisest of the transparent people and the King's advisor, knew that there was something not clearly understood.


The Wise Sage [The Logiczombie]

The Sage was a mountain dweller and formed the third community that inhabited the planet. The other two would have come across a sage, but they hardly recognized them as someone having a higher intellect.

Klergic was the high priest who had noticed the ongoing conflict between the Skin people and the Transparent people. He realized that there was no conflict but fear. And fear was the greatest motivator to do anything but the right thing. Besides, there was a lack of perspective between the two parties. They just did not understand the other. After witnessing years of disharmony between two clans which hardly came face-to-face, the Sage thought that it was the right time to put an end to the conflict.

Klergic called the key people from both the clans and planned to meet at the Skin people's kingdom. The Skin people thought that the Klergic was sent by the Transparent people, while the transparent people believed Klergic to be part of the Skin clan; after all, the Sage did have skin. But the Transparent people still accepted the invitation. Shalok and Samhar were going to the meeting.


The Meeting

The meeting of the three kinds – the transparent people, the skin people and the Sage - was a raucous affair; the onlookers as much as the commanders of the kingdom were busy conversing with each other. It was odd that the Chief did not attempt to call for decorum. Kadranoloc joined Jubei. The Sage remained silent and allowed the matters to go on until either of the party wanted the discussion to begin. Shalok and Samhar, on the other hand, were lost. They had no clue what was going on.

After long deliberation, the Chief called for order. Within moments there was silence.

"Tell us, oh sage," Jubei said, "what is the reason for this meeting?"

"Your civilization and the Transparent people are the reason for this meeting."

"Do you speak on their behalf?" Samhar asked the Sage, pointing at the Skin people.

"No, I speak for both of you."

"Why? What purpose would it serve you if you speak for us without us asking for it?" Kadranoloc asked.

"Peace," the Sage replied

"Peace?" Shalok asked.

"Yes. There is a misunderstanding between the two clans because of which you consider the other an enemy without even knowing the other. In some cases, not even seeing them."

"We can see them," Jubei shot back, "that is the reason we doubt their intentions."

"Oh, is it?" the Sage smiled. He turned and looked at one of the commanders, "can you see the Transparent people?"

The commander's unease was apparent. The Chief saw them so he couldn't negate the Chief's words. "I see them," he said.

"Point at them," the Sage ordered.

As expected, he pointed in the wrong direction. That amazed Shalok and Samhar while confused the Chief and the others.

"Do you understand this, Chief?" the Sage asked.

The Chief nodded his head to gesture that he did not. Shalok and Samhar were lost too.

"You see, these Transparent people are what we in the sage world call, souls."

"What?" Kadranoloc hadn't heard of the term before.

"Skin people are made up of a body and soul. You are in your body form right now, but there is a soul inside you."

There was rapt attention in the court.

"When a skin person passes to the next world, you only bury their body and not the soul. The soul is freed from its physical cage and is free to roam anywhere it likes. Freedom is what the soul wants, while possessions are what the body wants."

Shalok seemed to get what the Sage was saying, "and that's why the skin people want land while all we want is the freedom to move around."

"Yes, and not only that but also, not everyone can see the souls," the Sage pointed at the commander to assert his statement.

Samhar looked at Shalok, "hmm… that explains many Skin people being oblivious to us while few that see us getting aggressive against us."

"So, they were afraid of our form," Shalok said.

"Yes. Both your civilizations are not separate at all. You'll are the same," the Sage looked at the Chief, "all your elders that have passed from this planet, are now in the soul world."

"So, Transparent people are our elders?"

"Yes, and if you can accept them for what they have become, they can even share their knowledge from the soul world."

"The Skin people are our children. I did not even see that as a possibility," Shalok admitted.

"Yes, left in a world which you once belonged to."

The Skin people and the Transparent people at once understood that there was nothing for them to be alarmed about the other. In fact, there can only be love and respect between the two. That realization was given its due respect, embraced and carried on from generation-to-generation until now.

Even today, the idea of a body and soul rules the understanding of how humans perceive themselves.


Author's Note:

So, I tried to explain how civilizations would have understood the concept of souls at the very beginning. There would have been that first man who understood both the soul and the body. He or she would have strived to explain that concept to the world and essentially would have been the Logiczombie back then.

Needless to say, the humans with their physical attire and limited knowledge would have been the Cyber Pirates while the souls and their free nature would have qualified them as the Werewolf Ninjas.


Image Courtesy: Logic Zombie Logo and Pixabay


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Very nice. I get the idea that the Transparent people are like memories of history. They are often ignored and sometimes vilified. Since we can't see them clearly, we often make them into idiots and villains and sometimes into heroes, but only as it suits our personal advancement. The "truth" of the matter is that our historical counterparts are much more like "us" than we care to admit.

For example,

True that @logiczombie. I couldn't have said that better. Thats a general problem with us humans, right? Accept what suits us and resist what doesn't.. While I wrote the story thinking about souls, our past as Transparent people also fits in very well.. Thanks for that interpretation. Works well. 😊