Clouds blanketing the huge mountains!

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Stealthily the clouds swept in to blanket the mountains, a sight to behold!

Almost as if to hide the beauty of the barren and stern rockfaces that has mesmerized nature lovers over the years. No sound, as the attack happens in silence, clearly reflecting the quiet forces of nature.
Find a spot to sit, clear the mind and come to allow the pure indoctrination of Mother nature to stroke your soul!


See the trees standing and watching the dramatic show taking place behind them!


In the meantime the moon was also keeping an eye on the things happening below!


These trees shouted at the cloud; "Hey mister cloud, your place is in the sky, are you lost?"


This is a very clever cloud, seeping in from the flanks as well, in true military style!

049 (2).JPG

A massive scene dwarfing that litlle farmhouse!


Finally, our night moon allowing all the evils of the world to fill its cup, so that it can go and tip the cup into the ocean!

Just my own Merlin mind speaking here in the post, as I love to dream up wonderful stories when I am out there in the arms of mother nature.
Nothing better than to sit out there and to realize that we as humans are in fact smaller than ants in the universe. Self important ants of course, but in the bigger scheme of things, a zero on the contract.

So here we go, frail little beings that depend on the breath in our lungs to stay alive and yet we strive to rule and to command. We deceive and manipulate while all of the planets are revolving in their eternally set patterns.
Mind driven and hell bent we are on accumulation in an ocean of tears on earth.
The time is now to open our hearts and to allow the flow of love and truth to accumulate into healing rivers that will heal the lands!

And That's All Folks!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and cropped for uploading!
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HS

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Ohh.... Very nice!

Thank you Lady Mary and congrats again in topping the EL.
Hope that your Sunday is good!

Oh wouldn't it be nice if the moon could tip all the evils into the ocean and make it disappear! We loved seeing those clouds covering the mountain tops when we were down your way before the big ugly wolf called Coronavirus arrived!
Beautiful photography as always my friend!

Hahaha, if only the moon could that Lady Lizzie.
Up north, well far up north in Magoedaskloof it was always the dense mist in the mountain forests that mesmerized me. The old big trees looked looked ghosts walking around.

Then in Drakensberg the clouds also looked beautiful and even on the Outeniqua and Swartberg mountains, but nothing like this. Some days the Hottentots-Hollands mountains look like one solid cloud bank sitting on the ground!

Blessings and hope that you guys are having a great Sunday!

Amazing photos. Those moonshots are so crisp.

Thank you and glad that you liked the post my friend!

I follow your posts and your photographs 😀

Great and thank you!

That looks majestical, great photos!

Today we had a lot of rain, so I couldn't see much of anything when I went out for my rather wet walk.

I saw your post and it was very well done!
Yeah, some rainy days always present a problem for photographs hahaha.