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RE: Doors, drawers, pipes and lights

in OCDlast month

Looks very good here and the idea of the extractor fan is great as so maby bathrooms don't have one.
Steam and wood are not big friends and mold is also always a danger.
Simple with clean lines and functionality is really what it is all about.

A great job here and I hope that they get the finishing part right.


Normally they use the heat difference to draw the air, but it is better to have the fan to help it on the way, at least in an old house. I am looking forward to seeing what it will be like once the door and mirror are in, as well as having the space for all our bathroom stuff - which is currently scattered to the winds throughout the house :)


Ah! You know that I was going to say that, are you a mind reader?
I thought no, I wouldn't remark about the mirror, as you might feel that I was pushing things.
The right mirror will bring that bathroom to life methinks.

Glad that you are getting closer to the bathroom being done.
Looking forward to the final shots of it!

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