Picturesque town of Sete Cidades, hidden gem of Sao Miguel Island

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

If you visit my blog regularly, you probably know that I have already dedicated a number of posts to the spectacular landscape around the Sete Cidades Volcanic Lakes Complex but as far as I remember, I never published anything about the town of Sete Cidades itself so let me do it today :)

I decided to wrap up my Beauties of Azores photo series with this special post two weeks ago so this is not going to be an official episode of it but rather just a little collection of pictures that I took in this adorable tiny town.


Located on the bottom of a large volcanic crater on the Azores Island of Sao Miguel, Sete Cidades is one of the civil parishes of the island and also a miniature town that consists of literally just a few streets.

The most dominant architectural landmark of the town is the Sao Nicolau Church, a beautiful Neo-Gothic church that was built here in 1849.


There is a narrow alley of pine trees and hydrangea plants leading to the front door of the church. It must be an amazing colorful spectacle when the hydrangeas are in full bloom.


The town of Sete Cidades is situated right on the banks of two volcanic lakes. Lagoa Azul (the Blue Lake)...


...and Lagoa Verde (the Green Lake).


The lakes are separated by a bridge but as you can see in the following shot, a part of the bride is actually an aqueduct so the lakes are practically still connected.


It was on this very bridge where I saw and captured what must have been the most distinct and colorful rainbow in my life so far. It formed over the Blue Lake.


Let me now show you a few random street photos.



Yes, the hydrangeas are everywhere in this town. Just as I already mentioned though - I wish we had a chance to see these amazing flowers in their peak season.




Another typical feature found all over the town are these lovely signs. This unique style of decorative ceramic tilework is called azulejo. It can actually be found on the Portuguese mainland too.



In the northern part of the town, just a short from the walk from the "center", there is this beautiful little park / chill out area on the bank of the Blue Lake.



The vegetation is incredibly lush and green here. You can also find some very interesting trees in this area.




The "center" of the town might look a bit touristy sometimes (especially in the high season) as that is where a few restaurants and shops are but I usually encountered just very few people in the green area north of the main street. It´s a great place to enjoy some nice peaceful moments of relaxation and connection with the renowned Azorean nature.

Let me wrap this post up with a panoramic view of Sete Cidades and its unique location by the lakes that I admired and captured from a lookout spot above the town.


And that´s it. I hope you enjoyed this special photo collection dedicated to the beauty of Sete Cidades, one of the most picturesque towns I have ever been to. As usually, all images featured in this post are mine.

Thanks for your attention. Have a great day :)

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Pfuu!! Dúha, Hortenzinky, jazírka..Tolko krásy v jednom poste!!👏🙌

To víš, moje nejoblíbenější azorské městečko ;)

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Wow! I am so honored :) Thank you so much guys!

Hey another great collection, just as expected from you!
Can't wait to see some post about your homeland Czech when you will have it ready. I am sure it will be some great stuff.

@tipu curate 3

Thank you so much man! :) Cannot wait to start working on some Czech posts again :) Stay tuned!



Popravdě jsem překvapen, jaký ohlas tenhle post měl. Jsem nadšen :)

WOW! the view is absolutely stunning! Nice shots too

Thank you!

I love that I get to see so much green in your posts, haha! Those volcanic lakes that are surrounding the church look divine and the rainbow made the whole landscape like being part of a fairy tale!

Haha I must admit that green color prevails in my posts indeed :)) You are right, there are some places on the Azores that do resemble fairy tale landscapes :)

Hi @phortun ! Great photos again :) I loved your rainbow :)

Thank you :) I am glad you enjoyed it. Obviously, seeing the feedback, you were not the only one and I am really happy about it :)

Fantastic! I loved the moss on the trees, the lakes and the overall nature. It must be awesome to travel to such a place. Thank you for sharing. The panoramic view wrapped it up nicely.

Thank you for such nice words, it really means a lot :) Talking about the moss on the trees, I actually dedicated a whole post to the macro beauty of this place.

Oh awesome, I will check it out, thank you!

Nature just the way I like it. Beautiful pictures, it look like a very relaxing and serene place. Thank you for sharing.

Actually, this one was supposed to be about the town but there is so much amazing nature on the island that even originally non-natural posts turn out natural :D Thanks for stopping by ;)

This place is pure wow. The tranquility and serenity of this place can be felt through the screen so I am sure being there would feel so much more.

I am really glad you can feel the peaceful atmosphere of this place even through the photos ;) Being there is a very special experience indeed. This place is located on the bottom of a massive crater so it´s protected from the wind, which makes it incredibly silent.

That is interesting and being below the crater indeed gives a unique kind of atmosphere

Holly pepperoni, what a place to cycle! Interesting that the architecture is similar in many ways to Brazil, I wonder why xD

There are houses here entirely covered on the same tile as those lovely street signs.

Well, it´s Portugal after all so I am sure there will be some similarities ;) I haven´t cycled on the island but it must be a great way to discover its beauties... Thanks for stopping by my friend, I hope you alright!

What a bunch of great photos! Well done, @phortun.

Thank you so much :)

teda štěstí na takovoudle duhu, nádhera... ale přijde mi že jsi si nevšiml že je dvojítá... sice tam ta horní duha není skoro idět, ale je tam... :)

Všiml jsem si jí až při pohledu z jiného úhlu (na fotce) :D V reálu jsem byl fakt zaskočen tou ostrostí a barevností té hlavní :) Mimochodem, tolik duh co na Azorech jsem ještě nikdy nikde neviděl... Běžně i několik denně.

to už musíš mít zbírku ne? :) co takhle duhovej contest??? :)

Amazing pictures, specially the rainbow. Really eye catching! 🙂

Thanks! :) That rainbow was spectacular indeed ;)

Holy shit, there's where I live, São Miguel! :o

You live in a wonderful place then :) Where exactly, Ponta Delgada?

That-s right, near the airport.

That would be such a peaceful beautiful town to live for someone who loves nature and tranquility just amazes me these little hidden gems around the world that we would probably never get to see but we can see it here on this platform great find great share love it and that rainbow 👍

Thanks for this nice feedback my friend :) Always a pleasure for me to show my fellow Hivers a gem like this one just as it always is a pleasure to check out posts about other gems shared by other members of our community ;) Hive is a unique place.

My pleasure @phortun this is what i am loving about hive it really is showing some amazing places like yours which gives us better insights on where is nice to go and what to expect. Thanks for sharing that gem 👍

Wow 🤩
I wish I was there ;)

All I need is a house in the middle of nowhere!

Hopefully in 2-3 years I’ll be able to afford to buy one with crypto ;)


Totally hear you on this one mate ;) And yeah, let´s hope for some nice price pump :D

My prediction of crypto is a little decently from everyone’s else’s...

Bitcoin below $1000 so the entire makers gonna go down before the next pick dramatically.

But the mid of 2021 and then we gonna see the next pick of crypto.

BTC below 1,000 USD? Wow, that´s a pretty unusual estimate :) I actually hosted a special Bitcoin tipping challenge on the occasion of the last halving and I might host it again. The most pessimistic guess I got back then was something around 7,000 I think...

Actually you should be familiar how it dropped last time from $8000 down to $3600 for less then 24 hours ;)

So nothing impossible there ;)

Yeah, I remember that dip ;) But still don´t think we will ever get that low again. But yeah, everything is impossible in the world of crypto, that´s for sure ;)

Time will show ;)

Actually my bottom is $360 - $680 in that range but below $1000 for sure ;)
Within my predictions ;)

Beautiful photographs, specially the rainbow. The strange thing about rainbow it's always a double rainbow. We see one coz the first one is always brighter and the second one is light as it is the refraction of light from the first rainbow.
Beautiful photographs and lush green is very pleasant 👌

Thanks buddy :) You are right, rainbows usually come in doubles but this one was very special. It looked so bright and so close... you could almost touch it. Rainbows are an amazing natural phenomenon :)

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