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RE: So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

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As a fairly new person on Hive, this has confirmed all I have been trying to do. Sometimes I really hit a home run and other times I've learned from some things to do better. My favorite thing is to engage on others posts, if I read something and learn from it or their photos are awesome I want them to know how much their effort means to me. I have found Hive to be fun and educational, it allows my passion for birds, animals and nature shine. I thank the curators who like to develop others in being their very best.

 6 days ago 

It's really nice to hear that you enjoy engaging on other's posts. Leaving a genuine comment on a post encourages content creators to keep posting more and to do their best. I appreciate your efforts and taking the time to do that.

Hive is definitely a lot of fun and you will continue to learn loads of things as you hang around ;)

I thank you for reading and appreciating what we do ~

It is my pleasure! Thank you for your response, it is very nice to hear from you and other curators to navigate writing posts.

Thanks for reading and I'm so glad you found value in it.

Thank you for responding, yes there is a lot of value to learn in this post, it allows me to understand how I can do better in my posts.