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RE: The true importance of reading.

in OCD10 months ago

Intuition is not memory, rather hunch, resulting from what has been experienced and cannot be put into direct language.

Well, I suppose it will always depend on how profuse and abundant your lexicon and vocabulary are as to project the whole uncanny tiny movies clearly and intensely out of your brain and mind.

Everything that has been read in books, watched in films, enters into the human. You just can't nail it down so directly, that's the beauty of it. :)

Uhm, now I'm thinking that you might be the perfect customer to buy from me the extra SQUID device that I'm selling pretty cheap. :D

A wide space to devote oneself to the philosophical questions of existence, when the belly is nourished and the hearth fire is warm.

Oh! how poetic could be felt that while you are wearing the other wiring extreme of a SQUID device on your head. Hahahaha

Sometimes the dance around the fire would certainly be much more direct and the cutting of an umbilical cord the clearly more sensual experience, only, we have run these times out of their space.

Read the previous paragraph. So as not to sound too redundant. :)

So, I can only read from those times and experiences. Which is the second beauty.

Ah! just buy me my cheap SQUID device. Do not make me beg. You know that you want it. ;o)

Great title picture, by the way. LOL

I can't help it. I always try to snatch off a smile or a giggle from my readers when they are more off guard.

Cheers!! :)


I admit you are a superb advertiser.

But the SQUID thingy caught me right "on guard" - HaHa! I am suspicious the moment someone sells me a machine which can do things I can't. My advantage to stay cool to those ads is that I feel instantly insulted and so a desire which might come up, dies.

I already said yes to cars and washing machines, to computers and navigation devices, that shall be enough. Although sometimes I deliberately do without it and have fun parking in a foreign city and then finding my way back to the car via detours, holding my finger in the air.

There is no mixer in my kitchen, it's exhausting to stir a batter by hand. I like to remember phone numbers and I know the one of my ex-ex-ex-boyfriend, which I memorised by means of a simple rhyme. Just recently I realised that I should have remembered my now-husband's number when I lost my bag with everything in it (including the mobile phone!) Sometimes I deny myself the use of machines because I need lack as a bit of contrast. But where lack is forced upon me, I strictly refuse it.

Can you share any ticks with me? :)