Life is like a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving-Albert Einstein

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(To reach the top we must face the different challenges of life)

Everyone follows some ideology of a few famous people, and so do I. Today I started my writing with a brilliant person's thoughts.
Though, we all know in his childhood, he was not at all glorious, and even at the age of four, he even can't speak a word.

How simply Albert Einstein explained the philosophy of life to compare it with a bicycle.


(To maintain balance we must keep moving)

Life is like a roller coaster, and if we need to balance ourselves, we must move on.
Many people give up while going through their tough times, and they make the wrong decision or select the unethical way to get rid of the situation.

I have personally seen some people committed suicide, and some are addicted to different drugs.

Sometimes, we compare our life with others. But let me tell you everyone in this world is facing different challenges in their life. The difference is some people follow the message of Albert Einstein, and some are not. We can't get anything in our life through the shortcut.


(Birds fly many miles to reach their destination)

To reach the goal, we must keep moving and have our patience. Life is the most challenging teacher, and to pass the exam of life, we have to be attentive, honest, and hard-working.

Do not lose your patience and faith. Keep moving whatever the situation may be; we must not distract with our focus.

Believe me, friends, I am sharing whatever I learn from my life. If you don't give up, surely you will reach the goal with time and patience.


(I am still looking forwards to reach the goal)

Let me tell you nothing is good or bad in this world. It is only the way we handle the situation; our results always depend on that.
We all learn from every situation. Accept and try to solve whatever question life gives us. Maybe everyone will not be a topper but surely will get pass marks with their honesty and patience. That was the thought of the day from my side.

Thank you for reading my post and for your support. Please share your comments so that I can understand your views. Stay safe and blessed.


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