My Colleague is covid-19 Positive & We will give covid-19 tests

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Covid-19 Positive - Mohiuddin


Sad to say, one of my colleagues has been positive for covid-19. We are very sorry, one of us has been covid-19 positive. We can't believe it. The four of us were together. One of them has been covid-19 positive. His name is #Mohiuddin. The mood is very bad. I don't know how much Allah will keep him healthy. Everyone will pray for Mohiuddin and wish him well.

If the three of us are healthy, we will try our best to cooperate with Mohiuddin. Because Mohiuddin will suffer a lot financially.

If you want to Donate HIVE or HBD for Mohiuddin. You Can send HIVE or HBD this id @realsort


If you support me, I will be able to support Mohiuddin financially. We want Mohiuddin to recover quickly and come back to us. I will try to update regularly.

Comilla Medical College report........

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We are ready for the Covid-19 test - Elyas (Real Sort), Sajib Paik, Hamidur Rahman

Elyas (Real Sort)


I am Elyas. My hive account name is #Realsort. I'm very worried. I don't know if my covid-19 is. Everyone will pray for me. Very worried. But by the infinite mercy of Allah Almighty, I am healthy. I don't feel sick. Even then there is a thought in himself, he has to sleep today with that thought. Sample test of covid-19 will be given tomorrow at 9 am. Everyone will pray for me, so that I can stay healthy. And if I get sick, everyone will pray for healing.

Every day, I would make videos for you. If covid-19 is positive, I can't make video for you. There is love for you. You will always pray for me.

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His name is #Sajib-Paik. He is one of the four of us. The four of us live together. Sajib Paik will go with me tomorrow to test the covid-19 sample. But he is as healthy as I am. We are very worried. Whether we are healthy or covid-19 positive, we are thinking of three people.

When we talk, we reveal the thoughts that are hidden inside us. All three say we are healthy. So I will not write much, I would like to pray for everyone.

Hamidur Rahman

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His name is #Hamidur-Rahman. He is an honest man. He never harmed anyone but always tried to help people. We do not all agree with him because he is different from everyone else. Hamidur Rahman will test the covid-19 sample with us tomorrow. He says, I am healthy, by the grace of God I am healthy. I am ready to take the test because I know I am healthy. Even then, since we have a job, we have to test the covid-19 sample. He prayed five times.

He is very good at operating computers. Many of us learn a lot from him. I have invited him many times to work in this blockchain. But he refuses to work. However, everyone will pray for him.

Lastly, I want to pray for everyone because one in four of us has been covid-19 positive. Everyone will pray for MohiuddinAnd pray for us too.

Stay well, stay healthy, try to stay safe.

Take the necessary steps to stay safe from covid-19. Give thanks to the great God who has kept you healthy so far.


This is really sad news. I hope your colleague Mohiuddin will recover very soon and the other three of you will be Covid-19 negative. However be careful and stay safe and worry free.

you pray fow us. thanks

I had a hard time reading the post, ,,,"Alhamdulillah, ,,God has kept us well,,, I pray that God heals Mohiuddin Bhai.,.."amin