Building Psychedelic Bridges To The Dream Worlds...?

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I often have these deep, DMT-enriched dreams... they're fucking fantastic.

Yet, I can rarely ever recall them upon waking.

It's like those DMT states are "in a different language" that I lose the ability to translate when 'coming back' to the normal waking state.

And I wonder:

How might these worlds be bridged?

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~ art credit: Samuel Farrand

I feel there's gotta be a way to grow the the neural networks to activate such capabilities.

As though there's some way to 'learn' those languages of the altered states consciously, so as to be able to bridge the experiences and 'bring back' the contents of the nightly travels.

Or viewed differently, to somehow lower the gates between the worlds such that it's possible to bilocate consciousness between both - rather than remaining locked in the normal waking state without access to where I'd gone in the DMT-dream realms.

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I have a sense that psychedelics are key.

That somehow, their capacity to provide that bridge temporarily may enable the gradual 'solidification' of those bridges, or serve as a kind of "training wheels" so as to hardwire the pathways to travel back and forth at will.

That the correct substances, used in the correct manner, with the correct nutritional supplementation, may be the tools to achieving my desired ends.

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Which specific substances, I'm not yet sure.

Yet I sense they're something I've not yet tried.

My curiosity has been drifting to the realm of "research chemicals" - different synthetic compounds usually just a couple molecules off from traditional psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin, DMT, and mescaline - which are legally available for research use.

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T'is a bit of a daunting endeavor into this new world of substances...

So many available, with so much info to sift through to find which may be most appropriate to start with. To learn the appropriate methods of ingestion. To become versed in what to expect and what dangers exist.

Though just as with any architectural endeavor, there's always research to do. And much time & energy put into drafting the blueprints.

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Perhaps I'm desiring a shortcut using such substance.

Perhaps the answers I seek are only to be found in organic meditation. In diligent cultivation of skill in lucid dreaming, astral travel and such.

Or perhaps I crave what cannot be achieved, and there will always be the divine between the waking world and those of the deep DMT-dream ones.

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Perhaps there's only one way to find out.

Of course, to be proceeded with slowly, with caution.

Each step taken carefully, with clear intention.

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And there is fear & hesitation.

Trips into such foreign territory can naturally be stressful, not at all knowing what to expect.

Yet, there come points where our comfort zones become cages.

There come times when we feel called to travel to new lands.

And then, there are those times where some are called to build bridges between lands - whether for their own convenience or to open access to the new worlds for others...

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~ art credit: Samuel Farrand


DMT states...I'm there!
There's no doubt that this article was exactly what I needed tonight.


I can't give you much help on this one! Psychedelic's are something I have never had the opportunity or desire to dabble in. I've got zero problem with people who do though. I hope you find your answers.

I always thought of psychedelics as some form of key for another dimension. But perhaps to really understand, the best way would to be sober from all chemicals. Perhaps a saltwater tank, or a sauna would achieve this.

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I've been trying sobriety. Seems not to be the key. lol. 🤷‍♂️

(Though it has been good.)