The Fine Line...

in OCD3 months ago

There's this fine line sometimes...

Between acknowledging we may not know everything and could be wrong, and standing unshakeable in what we do know with absolute convinction.

Between diplomatically hearing out others' perspectives and honoring their truths, and holding firm to where we may see from greater clarity with a higher perspective that they're wrong.

Between speaking Truth with confidence, and a smug arrogance that overrides others' truths, even when we may intimately observe the faulty logic in their blind spots.


This world is often a battlefield.

And the last year, more than ever, as we've split into increasingly divided ideological factions based on either our adherence to the cult of $cience or sovereign critical thinking.

There are many fine lines, as we approach dialogue with those on the other sides.

While it can be tempting to debate and argue, it may require a great degree of mastery in the art of communication to engage on the most heated of subjects. All too often, those locked into a specific worldview will fight to the death in its defense rather than embrace new perspectives. And crossing these fine lines often ends only in further conflict, given others may be more committed to "their" belief system than growth into a full spectrum of outlooks wherein they'd see the shortcomings of those they've invested so much into.


As we rise in awareness, we can see deeper.

As our senses open, we can grasp more & more layers of metacontext and what awaits buried between the lines to be read with a high-powered microscope.

It can be a fine line to engage in dialogue with those who cannot see/sense.

Most of the time, we cannot change minds.

As the saying goes, "the smarter you are, the crazier you seem to dumb people." And, "don't argue with a fool, as he'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience."

So many times, we've bit at the temptation. But does it ever end well? Hardly. Rarely do our attempts to prove a point find success, when crossing those fine lines.

Yet certainly, there are times & places where it'd be a disservice to remain entirely quiet/repressed. Sometimes we may have to - out of tough love or soul contract - walk those fine lines. If not for the purpose of changing minds or proving points, at the least, to plant seeds.


Especially these days on social media, there are never-ending traps in which we could get caught attempting to persuade others to our point of view. And sometimes those lines aren't fine - they're rather obvious and firm, once wise enough to distinguish them.

Though sooner or later, we encounter the fine ones.

The futility of debates with total strangers indoctrinated into dogmatic, cult-like worldviews on certain topics may be apparent and smartly avoided. Yet inevitably, most of us are met with the challenges of choice in how to respond when those we've called "friends" or closer aquaintences present the stimulus.

It can be triggering to see those we've appreciated propagate flawed assertions with underlying aggression towards those who may possess more finely attuned sensory perception and critical thinking capabilities than themselves. And the questions arise:

Is it appropriate to respond at all? If so, how to slow ourselves and tame the responses so to imbue them with mature, objective insight that sneaks past the guard of cognitive bias and usual defenses at play in the programmed cultural psyche? How to word things with a powerful synergistic balance of humility/humbleness and Divine masculine strength which stands for the higher, righteous path and accountability for Truth without venturing too far into opposition?


We always have the choice: cross these fine lines with risk, or "play it safe" and risk the consequences of having withheld our honest expression.

Perhaps sometimes we need to overstep to gain the experience that refines our sensitivities to navigating the dance on these lines more conscientiously.

And perhaps, the ultimate higher path entails simply attuning to our own innate guidance to direct us as to which of these fine lines are best walked, and which are better walked away from. And with those we feel correctly called to walk, how to do so with the proper care, integrity, and intention to manage our energy & communication wisely for the highest benefit for all involved.

Or what do I know.

Maybe there's also a time & place to just let loose without reservation on a stupid, arrogant bitch ass nigga every now and then slap 'em with a match to their fake-woke energy. Pulling that fine line back like a rubber band, aiming right for their forehead - the striking jolt, coded with a venomous, viral magic spell to awaken their third eye - knowing full well it may bounce back in our own face to provide the valuable feedback to cut ties with those on too dissonant a frequency and unreceptive to the gifts of our time & energy.