This Is Why I Don't Use CryptoTab Anymore

in OCD2 years ago

Well, let's start with being clear with you guys. I still do have the CryptoTab browser installed. But, I do not believe in it anymore. The fact that I've been using this browser for around 3 months without any income would summarize my whole article. But, why not go into details?

0.1 Story With CryptoTab

When I first heard about this browser. It seems to me that it is a great and easy way for generating passive income. All you have got to do is to leave your browser open and it will mine BTC for you. I didn't care how long it would take to mine as long as I am getting something out of it. Then, I found out somewhere online that CryptoTab is actually mining another coin and paying you in BTC. But, it didn't change anything.

0.2 About The Referral Program

So, I have been told that you cannot get a decent income with CryptoTab without the use of a referral program. I have learned this hard truth after a month of using the CryptoTab browser. So, I have started sharing with others my referral link and posting about CryptoTab in more than a website. I have got almost 40 referral. In addition to that, I was using two different mobile phones to increase the mining speed as I'm using this on an old laptop.

0.3 Two Months Later

I thought that I have referred enough people to earn some passive income. I thought that my referrals would allow me to earn at least some small amount per month. 



This is the outcome. My income in all these three months was a fraction of a US Dollar. I have received $0.14. I have written an article or two about CryptoTab and that had taken like an hour or two from my time and I have generated more income from them than from mining BTC with CryptoTab for three months.

0.4 Conclusion

That was my experience with CryptoTab. You might have a different story. You might have been successfull with it. But, for the time being I would rather find something else to mine. I might be mining Banano. That's one of the stuff that I am considering right now.

NoteI still don't think that this browser is a scam. But, I think it is really difficult for normal users to make some income through it.


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