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Ammavan Padi Waterfalls - Irumbupalam

Ammavan Padi Waterfalls


It's one of the unidentified beautiful waterfalls in Adimali and not everyone knows about this place. It's located inside a forest and you need to pass through private property to get there. The main reason this place is unknown to everyone, I think


To reach the top of the waterfall you need to climb the mountain which is so slippery and with a huge slope. Most people will back off at the first stage itself


After that, you will be able to see the waterfall up close, from there you need to take the right and again climb the mountain


From here I don't know what to say watch the video(Ammavan Padi Waterfalls) it's an untraveled location for many years and you can see plants grown and the path is hidden under the grass.


And after walking through the bamboo forest we will reach the most beautiful and unseen location in Adimali



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Incredible place, the waterfall has a good fall. Is it possible to take a dip?

Yes, we can but it's damn cold.