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RE: Hive Onboarding Best Practices

in OCD2 months ago (edited)

Aww.. Thank you. I really appreciate all the effort and help that you guys are offering as soon as we started and up to now. I have so many communities in blogging industry and by far this is the only community that feels like home. I can't thank you guys enough for welcoming us with open arms, you, @ybanezkim26 @IndayClara @gerel @itsmiessyonpeakd @chillwithshanna for continue guiding us with what to do especially Gilaine @purepinay for always asking me how am I doing and what are the things I wanted to know. Words are not enough to thank you guys. Thank you so much for this write up @thegaillery I am just so lucky to have found a new family in the blogosphere. ✨☺☺ Big Thank You guys! And also @intoy.bugoy thank you for always dropping by on my blog post. You guys are amazing! Hope to see you all tomorrow! ☺☺


Omg! You are one of the most successful bloggers we have onboarded @sassycebuana 😊 Your content is on 🔥 Please keep it up!!

Aww.. 🥰🥰 thank you Gail. I am just really thrilled that finally my content has a wide audience that actually reads and drop some love. The earnings really is just a big bonus! I am just one happy soul to be able to write and share my story on a platform that will appreciate your work for real. 😊