We are returning to our home by a special train

in OCD2 months ago

Today, the government of India arranged a special train to ferry stranded Keralites and Tamilians to their homes. After reaching home we are supposed to stay in home quarantine for 14 days.



I know that the social distancing rule remains as a dream here.


Anyway, we are finally heading towards our homes after a long wait...


Which station? And definately everyone is trying to be safe....the good part home is heaven and you going there.....stay safe👍

Katihar Junction in Bihar. Now we are inside the train.

Have a safe journey...👍

Take care brother. Stay safe. Good to know you are heading home 👍

Thanks brother.

Be safe man!! And alert.
I believe it's 3days travel. Right?!!

Yes it is. The train has only one stop in Kerala, which is Trivandrum.

From there or is again a 400KM journey to my home.

Stay safe brother!

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Yes bro stay safe. Here in Assam the cases are raising and most of the confirmed cases are from the people who travelled to their home time through trains. Be alert and maintain social distancing.

Same goes true for Kerala as well. We are required to follow a strict 14 day home quarantine. We can't control the crowd at railway junctions. Everybody wants to go to their home.

Safe journey bro..

Ah finally the most awaited one. Good bro. Be safe during the travel. 🙂

Thanks bro.

We were unsure about this train as the number of passengers was very less. But the new SCI order came as a big relief.

All costs are borne by our government. So this is the first ticketless long journey in my life. Food and water is also free inside the train.

That's awesome bro. Good to see that the government is taking nice steps. 😀

Good to know, stay safe

Thanks brother.