When my wife's Quora answer turned out to be a big hit..!

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Quora had expanded its platform to different languages. 'Quora Tamil' is among the first set of languages Quora started supporting. Soon after our marriage, I was successful enough to convince my wife into writing on Quora. All her Quora answers were big hits with over 5000 views per answer on average.

Not everyone who writes answers on Quora get a lot of views in their answers. My wife is fortunate enough to be supported by Quora's algorithm.

The answer she wrote on yesterday has already attracted over 5000 readers. And,interestingly, the youtube video that she embedded in the answer is going to be the very first video on my YouTube channel to reach 1k views!

Here is the link to her recent Quora answer which is in Tamil.



That's very good 👌 glad your wife is making a great presentation on quora. She can be here too on Hive and I'm sure she is already 😊
Great Cheers keep going. 👍👍

Congratulations. I should mention now that an app called Quello that should work like Quora will be launched this month according to a post by the team behind it.


Yeah.. I know that. I hope, the team might have learnt a lesson from musing.io on how to maintain such a platform.

It is sad truth that people stopped using when misterdelegation undelegated to musing.

The founder lacked vision and couldn't manage to make it a hit. He never listened to suggestions that were given to him. He also lied saying that he paid many people for moderating which he never did. Hope Quello becomes a great platform for questions and answers. Waiting for the launch.

They stored all the answers to their proprietary server. Only placeholder posts were on chain to collect rewards. Pure abuse. Authors got their author rewards and the Musing team pocketed the curation rewards.

This is one good example for organic engagement bro. We miss that a lot on the Hive platform. That is one of the biggest reasons why people find it hard to stay for a long time on Hive even though there is a possibility for earning here. Hope soon Hive also becomes an interesting platform where more people organically engage.