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RE: My Personal Choice of Formatting Techniques

in OCD2 years ago

These are very useful techniques! Thank you so much for sharing this with us .

I'm not sure if it works. 😂

I clicked your linked and it brought me to your article and read it. I wish I could visit Cebu sometime.

Thanks again! Stay safe and Have a great day!

 2 years ago  

Wow! So it really worked! Haha
If you can visit Cebu some time, don't hesitate to ping me. Maybe I can show you around.

You too! Always stay safe and be great even with all that's happening in the world.

Wow! That's so kind of you! Hope this pandemic ends soon. I heard that Cebu is in ECQ.
I hope that the virus will stop spreading there so the adventures can begin again.

 2 years ago (edited) 

Cebu City is in ECQ. Talisay City (adjacent to Cebu City) is in MECQ. The rest of the province, including Mandaue City (where I live) and Lapu-Lapu City (where I work), are in GCQ. I really hope this will be over soon!

Gusto ko na mamundok or magbeach. 😂

Thanks for the info. That's great that you guys are in GCQ. Yes I agree with you

Hahaha, Same feels!

Ingat po palagi sir

 2 years ago  

You too! Ingat din kayo jan sa Baguio. Wait. Nasa Baguio ka diba? Baka nag assume lang ako. 😂

Yes sir, taga Baguio po ako hehe.

 2 years ago  

Sana makapunta ako jan soon! Plano namin talaga ng kaibigan ko na pumunta jan pag naresign na kami sa work namin. Pero di pa natuloy. Covid talaga may kasalanan.