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RE: C is for: Thoughts on censorship, downvoting and token value

in OCDlast year

Downvotes may not be censorship, but they are really annoying! Especially if the person doing the downvoting has any significant amount of Steem Power. The dude going around and downvoting everyone who has SBI shares is especially annoying.


Is he still doing that? I haven't got any DVs for a while. I actually think that wasn't so bad as he was doing what he believes is correct. He also could nullify the votes.

I guess I haven't gotten any in a while either. I thought it was really shitty how he'd go in on the last day and take away basically all of the earnings on posts just because he's got a grudge against it. Seemed almost as bad as stealing in a way. Mostly I thought it was shitty because it's hard enough to get anyone to be active on Steem as it is. If new people showed up, got some SBI shares, got excited about a couple of dollars worth of earnings only to have them taken away by someone with a lot more Steem power than they'll probably ever be able to have... well, that would probably just drive them back to Facebook or whatever since they'll at least get engagement there. It's tricky here, and sometimes the earning aspect of it may just hurt the cause in some ways.

I understand why he was doing it, but at the same time the SBI has a very long return on investment and I believe it does help people stay engaged. I am pretty sure he has rethought it now and has hanged behavior a bit, but like I said, I do believe he was acting in the best interest of the blockchain from his perspective, and I can't fault that. Much better than using his stake to vote himself and a couple friends, which is much more like stealing than the downvotes.

Over time with SMTs, the Steem earnings may be of far less importance than they are now, unless one is an investor. I do think that eventually the STEEM tap on content will close. One day, not necessarily soon though.