To Every Hive Addict: Replace Your Wallet With A Motivational Video

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Dear Hivers,

As a Hive addict, let me confess something right away: I am flawed.

In fact, within two weeks of Hive, I was obsessed with the wallet and notifications. Every time I come here, I run to my notifications first and then to my wallet.

It is incredibly addictive.

To make it worse: I also refresh my wallet. Not sure what was I thinking — maybe I thought every refresh will magically add thousands of Hive tokens into my wallet.

Same is the case with notifications (especially after I publish content).


The truth is: Most of us suffer from this addiction. I am sure you can relate to this. Every time you open your browser, your eyes are moving somewhere. Your cursor then follows this somewhere.

It could be clicking your profile, seeing those red notifications, or checking your fat wallet.

The fact is: our brain does this subconsciously. I was doing this at 3 am. And it really made me think.

Hence I came up with a simple solution.

If you are like me, then you can replace any link — like Hive’s wallet — with a motivational video. Here’s the end result:


So the moment you open your profile, and then click on your wallet — you will be redirected to a motivational video. Pretty simple, right?

All it takes 3 minutes. Let’s see how to do it:


Instead of blocking, I chose to redirect because I can watch a good video that reminds me to stay focussed. (This is the motivational video).

You can choose anything, really. The steps are the same though:

Step 1: Pick Chrome + ModHeader

To make it work, I am using the Google Chrome browser along with ModHeader. ModHeader is a free extension. [Download]


Step 2: Add Your URLs

After downloading and installing, open the extension. Then click “+” to add the redirect URLs.

Example: If you want to redirect from your Hive wallet to a motivational video, you do this:


As you can see, I have added Hive’s wallet URL to the left. Then YouTube URL to the right. Here’s the Hive wallet URL (replace username with your Hive username):

If you are obsessed with notifications, you can add this:

Step 3: Now continue browsing

That's it. Now, as you continue browsing, and coming back to Hive… you will start to see the benefits.

Especially if are an addict like me who clicks everywhere. I was clicking the wallet so many times — and it redirected me to the video every damn time.


I did not even realise I was doing this.

In fact, after some time, my brain finally registered this activity. It knew that clicking wallet will redirect me to the same motivational video.

The benefit of doing this:

  • It takes me back to work. Moment I click and see the video, I go: “Ugh, I didn’t plan this.”
  • It makes me super-aware. Let’s say that I am hyperactive now!
  • It actually pulls me back to what is important.


The best part is:

You can add multiple URLs. And then redirect them to any link you wish.

  • Too much of YouTube? Switch from YouTube to Audible.
  • Too much of Netflix? Switch to Udemy.
  • Too much of Facebook? Perhaps switch to Twitter.

Or switch everything to a single motivational video that reminds you to get work done today.

The choice is yours.

I find it simple, easy, and a good hack to create self-control and also get pumped up almost immediately.

Oh, the extension also makes it easier to pause the redirects — so one can check the wallet to make transfers or claim rewards. I always do it at midnight.

Over to you: Have you been addicted to some of the links here? What do you click when you open Hive? Perhaps notifications? Or wallet? Maybe you check your own post — and read it? Do let me know. I would love to hear from you!


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All I need in life, is to have those links direct to Shia Labeouf. I'm convinced that if I watch it enough times, I will just do it, whatever it is that I need to do.

I can't believe you stole my words. In fact, this was the video I was planning to share but I thought it was a little raunchy for most people.

Can you ever go wrong with Shia LaBeouf? It's invigorating, really shakes you up and reminds you why you're still alive. On another note, how do you pronounce his last name? It's been years, and I still haven't figured that out yet... :-(

how do you pronounce his last name?

lebuff (IPA: /lə'bʌf/)

Ah, so that's how you pronounce it. Shia (Lebuff)... Thanks 😁

how do you pronounce his last name?

lebuff (IPA: /lə'bʌf/)

guilty :) and it was more in claiming rewards than just the wallet.

and peakd added an option to show notification when you get to xy (you can set the number up) amount. you get notification and option to claim. so now i don't go to the wallet :D


You made a great point. I updated the post. I just used Peakd to claim!

My obsession isn't huge with the wallet as it is with the notifications (especially after I publish the post).

Guilty as charged! I'm using Brave as my browser, so is it still possible to do this redirecting thing?


Oh, opened Brave. And it does seem to support. Says Add To Brave. Pretty cool!

Screenshot 20200702 at 4.13.50 AM.png

Yay! I'll try this!

Your brain will hate this and remove the extension.

Hahahaha! Probably. I love to see my balance decreases or increases. Keeps me up at night and makes me wake up early in the morning.

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I thought I was the only that gets the chills after posting. Sometimes after posting, I go to sleep and eventually dream of my post getting so many upvotes lolz.

Nice straterly. Should try it!!

I use to autoclaim my rewards. I do check my notifications in real-time but I only check my wallet like once a week. I just checked it because you reminded me it exists but it's a very lonely place since it autoclaims and I don't use the money I get (save only).

Ah, very interesting to know. I am still going back to my stats and notifications regularly. Much less now due to time. Didn't know we could autoclaim with