How Coronavirus Has Been Life-Changing!

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Dear Hivers,

When coronavirus was sweeping the world with fear, the Indian government forced a complete lockdown. This made over 1.3 billion Indians to stay home.

And this has been the world’s largest lockdown.

As I write this, we are experiencing “Lockdown 4.0” — meaning this is the 4th time our government has decided to shut everything down.


Millions of IT workers, business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers are now changing the way they work.

Even I had to revisit everything I did. I am sure you can relate to this. The normal routine has changed. From sleeping to our eating habits? Everything has changed.

I started waking up late — for the first time in my life. And I also developed a habit of working at night. Deep down, I knew this schedule wasn't good for me.

Fortunately, things have changed.

I am noticing the "good" side of this lockdown. My schedule is better. I work. I meditate. And I am productive. I thought I will share my lockdown journey to show you what is possible in under 60 days.


What do I mean?

It is not a joke to stay in your room for 24 hours. So given the time I had, I didn't do the "old" things — no hanging out, activities, or bouncing ideas with people.

With this me-time, I was able to explore my true self.

I was with me — and my ideas started to emerge, enlarge, and I saw them a lot more clearly. I started reading more books — doing creative stuff and overall engaging in activities that are keeping me mentally secure.

It almost feels like summer holidays in school. All the school memories – of reading and exams – are behind us.



With enough time, we have two choices: either gain skills or gain laziness. I wanted to gain skills.

Writing on Hive served as the foundation.

You will find it interesting to know: I was reading Jinse (Chinese news portal) and discovered the Hive blockchain. After 3 years, I decided to search for my password to re-enter Hive.

The same week I introduced myself and shared my journey.


Like everyone else, I was sucked into Hive and started participating.

I even started a challenge to write regularly and it has served me very well. Goes without saying: I will continue this journey. And to make sure it happens, I have taken up my second writing challenge with @Looftee.

The challenge goes like this:

#1: Publish at least one piece of content every day
#2: Do it for 30 days
#3: If you don’t publish? Pay 10 Hive.
#4: Calculate the score after 30 days.
#5: One with the lowest score pays an additional 100 Hive

Again, challenges keep us awake. And I am grateful to continue with this challenge.


The last two years, I boarded a different train. I started working with cryptocurrency exchanges. Here I was looking at strategies. And never had the opportunity to write a lot.

While the money was good, I was dealing with something I had no clue about. And the passion scale wasn't all time high either. I was doing it because I wanted to know more. After a while, it was the same old tasks.

It didn't excite me.

With this lockdown period, however, I had the chance to revisit all these old habits. And drop them. So I could pick up something new. I have started educating startup founders, working with copywriters, and restarting my old blog projects.

Very soon I will be launching my own podcast and also a course. It is incredibly exciting. In fact, without this lockdown, none of this would be possible.


As I mentioned earlier, everything is a blessing.


To summarise:

  • I have started focussing on what's important
  • I have started working on old ideas
  • I have started writing
  • I have started pushing my boundaries
  • I have started experiencing true joy

And I would love to hear from you:

How has coronavirus impacted you in a positive way?

Do you see any positive update in your life? Do you find yourself occupied? Or do you have a lot of time? What keeps you busy? And what new events did you pick up?

Feel free to share your thoughts below. I would love to read them. :)


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With enough time, we have two choices: either gain skills or gain laziness. I wanted to gain skills.

This was certainly the right decision! I did it too! 😉
!jeenger !investvote

Haha! Absolutely delighted to know!

Let's make this year the best.

What keeps you busy?

To be better than what I was last year.

To do more than what I did last year.

And most importantly, to have more clear ideas than I ever had.

BTW, I am going to win this challenge for sure.

No doubt about that.

Haha! I love your confidence. 😃

But you will hate it when you lose!

Its nice to know that the lockdown has had a huge impact on your life, for the good.
Same case here... knowing myself better, learning to feel my energies... whenever the energy turns negative, I can consciously feel it and get it back to whatever I want to feel.
And lot of other things including writing on hive and learning new things.
Cheers bro!

What about going on long rides on your bike?

Missing it?

Ofcourse man... can't wait to get back on the saddle and do a long trip once lockdown ends!

knowing myself better, learning to feel my energies... whenever the energy turns negative, I can consciously feel it and get it back to whatever I want to feel.


Welcome back! Good times are here!

Ein jeengervote für dich von @novum