Built a twelve foot t-post fence

in OCD8 days ago

This is the first time I've used these stakes for fence supports. I have used them in the past to grow large vines on but not as a fence post. Theres an area where a retaining wall drops off. So for safety I installed some wire welded fencing. They worked out real well. I drived them two feet into the ground and attached the wire fence with these special wire clips.


I collected the needed tools like the post driver, wire cutter and players to bend the clips. And a pair of eat muffs as driving the t-posts can be noisy.


I drived the t-posts in with a few good whacks from that tool. The thing looks like a battering ram.. haha


After all four posts were driven in two feet into the ground I measured how much wire welded fence I needed. And cut a little less than fifteen feet. I had to buy a hundred feet of it as it was their smallest size for a four foot tall fence.

I was suprised I was able to complete it in a little over an hour. I was expecting to run into issues. But glad I did not.


It is good that you had made a fence to that dangerous ledge for safety @solominer

Yeah that drop off is pretty dangerous. Thanks alot, went pretty smooth.

Looks like quite a drop if someone fell.

Yeah glad it never happened but now theres a fence to stop such a concern.

this is a typical day we'll spent for me.. This is quite crafty of you! thanks for sharing with us

Ah this was all new to me, glad to give it a try.