Macro Photography: Butterflies

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Hello friends,

Been a while since I’ve posted but things have been very busy on the home front so I haven’t had much time to dedicate to hive. We bought some Painted Lady butterfly caterpillars a few weeks ago and they came in recently which I will give a better post to that fun event but I wanted to share some cool macro photography attempts I did this evening!

Macro with 50mm lens

So we bought this fantastic canon 50mm lens a few months back before we went to Florida for vacation. It’s been such a great purchase for our photography hobby we love it. I took some pictures trying to do it in a macro fashion, my first attempt! Let me know what you think.





I know the 50mm lens isn’t the ideal one to take this type of picture but it’s the clearest lens we’ve got so we chose it. Someday we want to have a little side business of taking photos for people so we are trying to get better at the different styles.


Shutter speed - 1/200
ISO - 100
FS - 1.8

Photos touched up (mainly brightened) and cropped in Adobe Lightroom.

Ssiena [A Hive original and exclusive]


I do something similar but with plants ... I put seeds of Greek wild oregano, I make small plants and then I plant them in the field ... it is really impressive to see your creations grow and you have a good lens to immortalize them !!

Cool! That sounds wonderful thank you for sharing that with me! :)