I visited a ZOO and it did not feel good.

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I can't remember when I last put up a blog post. A lot has really happened to me in the past few weeks. Good, bad, ugly, all of it, nonetheless I'm still alive and breathing. A few weeks ago, we went on an outing a week ago to the zoo. The staff of the organization I currently work with decided to reward it's workers for all their effort. We had planned an outing for the movies and then the zoo but with the time restrictions we could only visit the zoo. It was one at the University of Ibadan, and our tour guide was the students of zoology.









We saw lots of animals, some of which I didn't take a photo of. Some I did take photos but it would be spamming if I was to share it all. One monkey, we were told, was very sexually aggressive. It had a extended privates it would stroke at whenever a female passed. It was crazy as well as hilarious. We saw the Hyena too. A majestic creature. We saw the lion and lioness also. I asked the guide how they make they mate, and they said they had to use artificial insemination, because the last time they allowed both the lion and lioness into the same cage, the lioness tore the lion apart. Shocking. We saw a lot of different species of monkeys too, and apes. Saw all types of birds. Owl, vulture, etc.



I saved the best story for last. This monkey specie was just sitting at the edge of the fence. There is the male, female, and one baby monkey. The vet had checked and realized that the monkey was pregnant and during the night, the monkey gave birth prematurely. The beautiful part was that the baby monkey was as tiny as a rat. Zoom into the photo and you would see the small creature in her hand. It was so heartwarming as well as disheartening. According to the vets, the mama monkey held on to her baby all through the night and morning protecting it. We were also told it smacked the phone of someone who was trying to take a picture. HUMANITY.


I am a lover of animals and everything nature. Seeing this beautiful creatures for the first time was so satisfying. I was delighted. Albeit this was a very fulfilling outing, I still felt sad as it seemed this creature were sad. They are supposed to be in the wild, living out thier animal instincts, not caged up for people's attraction. When we went over to the lions den he was resting and quiet. We were told to make a loud noise if we wanted to hear it roar. We did and what I heard wasn't a roar, it was more like a cry for help. The lion and the lioness kept roaring at each other. Heartbreaking. Thank you for reading my post. I do hope you enjoyed it as much as I did enjoy my outing and writing this. Cheers.

Thank you for your story.
When I was a kid (long ago) I have been to several zoos with my parents. The circumstances in the zoos are quite good over here. The animals have a lot of space and most zoos have replaced cages with 'natural like' environments.
But it's still animals in captivity. And I must say my point of view about zoos changed over the last few years. Animals that live in zoos often are born there, so they wouldn't even survive in the wild. But somehow it still doesn't feel right. I remember a polar bear in a nearby zoo that was walking the same round over and over again. Although the area was large, you could clearly see the path he was walking all day.
I haven't been to a zoo in the past few years and I don't think I will anytime soon.

Really touching.

People always try to make an effort to replicate the wild, but it can never really be.

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate.

Interesting read.
I remember when this same zoo had 2 peculiar Gorillas named Imade and Haruna many years ago.
They were special because they would entertain zoo visitors. They really attracted the majority of visitors, especially when they respond to cues from their carers. They would also interact with the enthralled audience - this remained the highlight of a visit there for many!

Wow. You sure do know your stuff. We were told the gorilla ,Imade died. I was so sad, as I would have loved to see one.

True though they should be left in wildlife to express themselves.
Nice pictures you got there

Thank you so much man.

The wild is there home.

To be honest, animals don't deserve to stay in zoos in Nigeria because they're only going to suffer. If they can't care for them why bring them down here in the first place?

Anyway, these are really lovely pictures and I love the one of the giraffe. The baby monkey really looks like a rat 😄

Thank you so much for dropping such a thoughtful comment.

That's really my fear, that they won't be cares for properly. The lions were looking so skinny.

Thanks for sharing, I visited the zoo in UI thinking I will be able to calm down and connect with nature but I had my food snatched off by a bird. I was terrified for at least 10 minutes

😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what bird was it.

Also, we wer told to be careful when we went near the ape. He kept throwing shit at on lookers. 😅

Good Morning Steve, it has been many years since I've been to any zoo, I, like you love animals, and I hate to see them caged. Larger cities with large zoo facilities can better accommodate the animals in more realistic and healthy living spaces, but still they are caged.
Breaks my heart to think of all the species we have wiped out and now only exist in captivity like this.
I love your post @stevenson7

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Thank you so much Jerry.

Sometimes I wonder if we are really the problem

Not exactly sure how to respond to that, but let's see.
No other species on the planet takes other specimens, puts them in cages on display, keeps them as pets until they die, only to get another one, and uses them for trophies, food/furs/aphrodisiacs'/status symbols.
Mankind is the only one that destroys hundreds of square miles of habitat, just to plant palm oil trees (for example)
Maybe we are not causing climate change, but we certainly aren't helping.
For me, the source of "the problem" is as plain as the nose on our faces @stevenson7

You've only responded perfectly Jerry.

You spoke exactly what I wanted to say except better. Thank you for dropping such a beautiful comment on my post ❤️

I'm glad I didn't overstep my bounds, as I wasn't sure which "side of the fence" you were on based on the comment this was a reply to @stevenson7, and thank you for the boost points Steve

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Great shots. Zoos have always been more upsetting than fun for me so I get your feelings. Still incredible to see some of the best mother nature has to offer.

Absolutely. Mother nature never seize to amaze me.

Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙏

No thanks needed, I appreciate you sharing. Its always good to find new and more importantly good content to keep an eye on.👍

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