Flower Photography - Characteristic Of Roses

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This time I just want to share an information or knowledge of what I have learned so far and of course the information is related to one type of flower that is loved by many people, namely the rose. One of the characteristics of roses is the flower and tree trunk which we cannot find in other flower plants because roses have flowers and tree trunks that are different from other flowering plants.

Flowers from roses are often made as special gifts for couples or families who are celebrating a moment so that as a gift people often give roses as gifts. While the tree is very unique because even though this rose plant has very beautiful flowers, the stem of the rose plant has very sharp thorns so that if we are not careful in holding the hands will be injured.



And to treat roses is actually an easy thing because it does not need special care and only needs to be flushed every day to maintain the adequacy of water needed by this rose plant. Meanwhile, to multiply, this rose plant only needs to cut a few branches from the stem and move to the nursery and just wait in a few days it will grow new shoots on the tree stems in the seedlings.

For the process of shooting, I only use a smartphone camera that I usually use to take pictures of Flowers and Macro Images, namely the Oppo A5s smartphone which has the advantage of photographing Macro and landscape images. As for the editing process, I only use two editing applications, namely the Snapseed application and PicsArt, because both editing applications are very helpful for me in terms of editing.






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