Buckthorn and Quartz

in OCD19 days ago

I am still enjoying working with buckthorn. It is kind of a Zen activity for me, and I like making little thingys.
I also really like seeing the knots in the wood.


Recently, I have also started keeping my crystals on my workbench to see where they might come together with my random wooden thingys.


An end of a failed tree-crown monster became a perfect crystal ball pedestal. You can't rally see it, but this pedestal is really stable, and that crystal ball doesn't fall out when the table shakes. I had previously used a flat piece of pyrite, but this is way more stable.


A failed pipe end now will house a sweet piece of tangerine quartz.
This is kind of a work in progress, but it seems right.

Cutting and carving wood is so much fun that sometimes I worry that I will do it too long and forget to eat!


That joke may have been bad, but I needed a reason to post the skeleton pictures:D


Lol I enjoyed the joked, all was well received.

Wood is a wonderful material. It has so much soul. I wish I could find a way to include it more into my work, but I am so terrible 2D. My wife has made many artworks in wood even though she is a goldsmith.

Wow! Being a goldsmith seems pretty badass!
I know I could make more thingys if I could weld, but currently I am sticking with wood.
I just heard a story about companies trying satellites made out of wood! They are taking some to the International Space Station soon.

Ha, yes, that's how she sees herself, badass. And most people believe so too :)

In Sweden they have built multi-storey houses from wood - they are experts of woodhouses having built most of their houses in wood since the... well, probably stone age. The country is one big forest.

Are those your skeleton pics? So you keep skeletons too aside from creepy dolls? ☺️

Nice that you keep yourself busy by making those wood thingy art!

It's my friend's skeleton. Well, not his actual skeleton, but he owns it:)

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It is really cool!
I love their voices.
It seems familiar to me. Maybe I've heard it on a movie or something.

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