My recent Buckthorn creations

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On the third try, I finally succeeded in making a flute.
It took a huge amount of experimenting and frustration to figure out what was wrong with the mouthpeices, but I finally got it.

Here are some of the first notes from the flute. I still need to tune it, especially in the 2nd octave, but it works and I am happy:)

I've also made a ring holder for my sweet Gorgon ring, a little clam shaped smoke holder, and a creepy 3-fingered hand.


This little guy is actually the first thing I made with buckthorn. It's a creepy cat, as well as 2 goldfinches. That makes it a catbird!


The catbird is the only thing I've painted so far.

Working with wood has been so much fun, and recent storms just gifted me some Elm branches to work with.
There's another storm tonight, and I can't wait to venture out into the backyard to see what the wind has brought me tonight!


Wooden flutes have a wonderful sound. I have a Shakuhachi, but alas only a 10$ PVC version.

Does it sound ok?
I really thought about making a pvc version just so I could see a mouthpiece work.
I've seen pvc digeridoos that sound pretty cool.

The sound is very clean, not bad at all and maybe a bit like a metal flute. Wood gives the sound a lot of jazz ;) But I really like it actually. It is perfect to bring on vacation as nothing can destroy it.

It is like this one;

I'm totally going to make one out of buckthorn!!!
I just read about the bamboo ones, and they are incredible.

Cool! I have been thinking the same actually. My wife is doing a lot of work in wood, so I was thinking she might help me. But she and the girls actually gave a bamboo-flute - I just had to find the one I wanted (they are all different of course) and I never got around to doing that. So... that should be my first priority.

It is a edge blown flute so at first it is a little hard. Even though I can play a bit of metal concert flute it took me a couple of days to make any sound at all :) But you can bend the tone at least half a tone in each direction so it is incredibly sensitive and full of expression.

Wow. Good job and I guess you will be learning more with the flute as well @tarotbyfergus

My default would be jigs and reels, but I'm not sure if this flute wants to play them. It will be interesting to see what it wants to play:)

It's crazy that you made your own flute! It must be fulfilling. And that creepy cat. :)

Good hobby you have now.

Thanks @diabolika!
It's so much fun to make stuff:D
I'm going to make a stringed instrument as well, I just don't know what kind yet.