ThroughMyLense #3 - The Green Giant

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It feels as if it was yesterday that I posted most recently on Hive but looking at my last posts I noticed how wrong I was. During this pandemic I learned a lot, however, there is one thing I started to see from a different perspective


A unit. A currency. A concept? Our life goes by the concept of time. Wake up at this time, go to bed at that time. All of a sudden there is a disruptive change that makes us think more about what time is. With the introduction of the home office, we are more flexible and can decide how and what we want to do, where we want to do. While time pasts by quickly, there are days where retrospectively I have the sense that the time froze. This gives us the opportunity to rethink what is important to us.

Time can't freeze you will say. I tend to agree but yet disagree. With photographs we are able to free time for eternity.




It's the time that changes how we perceive things. An hour ago we world might look differently. The next photographs were taken an hour earlierer, before the sunset took place



Speaking of time, what did I miss in the last few months on Hive? Let me know and have a great week!
P.s.: I recently recovered files from a broken HDD, tons of pictures from the past years of traveling are restored. Time to share these with you!



Change is constant due to time.

We can't escape from time, in my case I feel that it goes by so fast that I need longer days.

I agree! I remember New Years as if it was yesterday. Now we already passed quarter of the year. Quite scary 😄

But time always moves in a cycle and repeats the pattern after some time.

It’s up to us if we follow the 24h cycle or break out of it

Excited to see those pics.
I love the last picture. Hoping you will allow me to use and include for my desktop backgrounds.

You are true, as I have had a lot of thinking during the sudden changes of workstyle. Ever since we practiced work from home, I've had more time to think of what I really needed to do so that I could be in a better state - closer to a peaceful daily life.
I don't want to ever find myself in a stressful situation in my home ever again. I will use my time to always achieve that. Stress can happen outside my home.
Yet again, if I am in places like those in your picture. Wow! I tell you WOW! No Stress at all. Such a beautiful scenery.
More pics please.


Hey! Thanks for the kind words. You can use that picture for you desktop background. If you want I can also provide you with a higher resolution version of it.

I don’t like the idea of permanent home office. Work and life becomes one, even with a separate room in your house from work.

Do we work at home or do we live at work? That’s the question

I Love this post.. Love these photos..

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Visual art is cool in that way, whether photography or any other form, since it is one of the only things that can hold a single moment in time and stretch it out.