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♡Amanda tranquility forbidden dream of my surreal world, utopia of perfection, life without joy and without love, there is only my nostalgia for my life, as chains of my mistakes, beloved infinite space silent with its mysteries, as given life lives its mystery.

♡♡♡Wings of freedom that bends in the skies without border, fly if destiny, free as reading each book of infinite authors left their legacy freely, beloved flower that is free in nature for me to contemplate, that the wind shares its perfume of free woman.

♡♡♡♡Free as the sea there is infinite vidad with confines free without knowing, depths free away from reality, alone is the world free from threat that hides within the seas not to be trapped.

♡♡♡♡Free flame that warms my cold night, free night that covers dark mantle over the earth, nice night free to see the beautiful stars, free thought as wisdom of each one, free writing that shares a word free to read it, all freedom we have in our hands.