Asa Abukpa: A Nigeria Delicacy || The Process

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Hy there,

Maize is really a unique crop because there are numerous meals that could be derived from it. One of such meals is what I'll be discussing with us. - Asa Abukpa

It's my pleasure to make you salivate😀 as I take you through the process and making of this delicacy on your screen. Nigeria is home to many kinds of delicious and palatable meals. So, if you haven't eaten a Nigerian delicacy before, you are missing a whole lot. Give it a try someday and you won't regret..😎


The meal before you is called "Asa Abukpa" meaning corn or maize pottage. Abukpa means corn or maize in my native dialect, Ibibio. I hope we are on the same page now.

How is it prepared?

I have an answer for you if that's your question.

First off, the ingredients needed to prepare this meal includes:

  • maize or corn
  • pumpkin leaves
  • palm oil
  • perewinkle
  • and other food spicies

The Process


After harvesting your corn from the farm, you take out the seeds from the maize stalk because you won't need the stalk. This is done for a desired or choice quantity.


Having done that, you grind the maize seeds till they become homogeneous. Naturally, it will contain some percentage of water. Sorry, I didn't take a photo of this ☹️.

Place a pot on fire containing water. Put th grinded maize in small lumps or sizes into the boiling water. Allow to boil for a while.


Add all your ingredients.

Add palm oil and the your vegetable leaves.

With that, your food is ready for consumption.

Dish into a tray and eat either with your bare hand✋ or spoon.


I guess that was very easy and simple. It's necessary that we feed our body with nutritious meals. One of such meals is the Nigerian Asa Abukpa

Do have a great day!!


I have never tasted this dish before but if it is spicy I would like to try!

It's really a delicious meal.

You can try it out