Gitplait community- progress and delegations

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The Gitplait community is picking up. I reached out to some people on how we could make it better, and things are beginning to have a shape. Collectively, we need to make the community active by rewarding posts that will be coming in. For those that are yet to understand what we do. Our community aims to solve problems for developers (Questions and Answers), reward coding tutorials, coding tasks publications and reward for devs on works done.

To further explain these, our community is a place to ask questions that are related to coding and get answers from other community users. There are up to 7 threads created on the community channel for the users to ask and answer questions. We will not be casting many votes on the comments, but little tips could be given to valuable questions and answers. Also, active user that solves (answers/questions) problems can collate whatever they do within the course of a week and publish for the community to read, which we will vote on to support all active users. This is just the basic, there are more.

We will support coding tutorials of all languages. So users can post contents that are coding related in our community. I believe there are values in learning things, and the gitplait community could be a place to learn new things through Tutorials.

Also, we want project owners to be posting open task requests for the community to build and collaborate. This means any project could use this community to publish features they would like to see on their app(s), and the community could collaborate and build up.

In other to support project on this chain, we will also reward posts from developers that support other projects in building together. So, what we want here is absolute collaboration.

This is a simple front-end to showcase the hand-picked best of the publications that will come in the community. This will not let important posts and videos to go missing even after the payout.


In other to grow this community and to reward the developers, we would like to get support from the community in delegations to @gitplait account. 40% of the curation rewards will be distributed among investors/delegators proportional to their investment in liquid HIVE. The other values that will be coming into the project will be used in growing and building to a well-functioning system. To delegate, you can copy/paste the link below on your browser and adjust the delegator=user shares=1 to the amount you wish to delegate.


I also mention this in the intro post. In other to manage the community effectively, we’ll need moderators that will help in fixing things and organizing the community. Kindly reach out to me on Discord if you wish to join and let build this project together. I advised that all applicant should have a basic coding skill of any language.


It is never easy to build alone, and gitplait need support from the community members in sharing the news of what we could achieve together in this community. I would appreciate all volunteers that would like to join the influencers for this community/project so we could reach and expand to all communities and beyond the blockchain.

Thank you all!

Join the Community and let’s solve problems and build together.

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