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Hello everyone.
Is another brand new day and I’m here to share with how my Monday went ( my birthday).
Today being Monday that’s 23/01/2023.

I was born in the 23rd of January. So today happens to be my birthday. Due to that, I was up so early so that I can finish up my morning routine so quickly so that I can take my phone and read so messages my friends are to send me and also to accept gifts from my friends.

So when I wake up, that’s I wake up at 6:15am and the first thing I did was that, i went straight to my bathroom to brush my teeth and after that, i came out to wash my dishes. And after I finished, then went back to my bathroom and took my bath.

After I finished taking my bath,
I came out too and then robbed my body with pomade. And after that, I dress up and after I finished dressing, I then go to my kitchen to prepare my breakfast.
It to me some minutes to prepare my breakfast because it was my birthday.

So after I finished preparing it, I then invited my roommate and my hostel friend to join me so that we have breakfast together.
So after the breakfast, I then took my phone and there was a lot of messages from my friends.

And the most interesting part and I was happy or let say excited was that, my mum was the first person to wish me happy birthday.

I cry 😭 and I didn’t know we’re the tias we’re coming from. The message was so touchy and I was so happy and excited since she was the first person to wish me happy birthday.
And she said since I was in school, she said me money to buy whatever I want to buy for myself.
She always said is my day so I should chill and i should be very careful when do that. And she ended by saying “ I love you my son “
And I replied I love more and more mum.

And the massages from my friends were uncountable. A lot of massages.
One funny thing about today was that, I was just going through the messages and I fell asleep.
And i slept for a long time and I was there when my friends came to wake me up.
Ah today is my birthday and I’m sleeping like a pregnant woman. Lol
So we went up to and sit outside. And we were just chatting.




They were the people that came to keep me company.
So we chat for sometime and they went back to they hostel.
So I was just saying that, how can I celebrate my birthday 🎉 with a gift.
Not knowing that, a big surprise was coming.
So I was there when I had a call from my mom. And she ask me we’re am. So i said I’m at the hostel.

And said I should go outside my hostel and receive a package 📦. I said okay.
So I when outside and there was someone who gave me a package saying that is from my mom.
So I received it gently and bring it to my room.
And when I open, it was a new clothes from my mom.


Wow 🤩 and I’m so happy and excited.
And I also had a biscuit from my roommates


In fact with the little gifts I get on this my birthday, I’m so happy and excited and I’m even short of words to express how grateful am today.
Today was just nice for and this was how my day went.
Thanks you !!!


First of all, Happy Birthday to you, I wish you all the best in the world and may all your dreams come true.

Secondly, I see you're new on Hive, so welcome to Hive and let me drop you a few suggestions to help you navigate better on our platform.

We have different communities on Hive and we're encouraging users to post in the right community based on the topic of the post. This post for example would fit better in Daily Blog community. OCD community is for topics that don't fit in any other community and should be used when you don't find a niche community for your post.

Here's a guide I put together to help you learn about how communities work and why you should use them -> Communities Explained - Newbie Guide. I also put together a list of communities, which is not complete, there are much more communities on Hive, but it will help you get started.

Once you posted your post in the right community, you can then cross post it to OCD community. Here's a guide about cross posting.

Please don't delete any post with the purpose of reposting it in another community as that can be considered abuse. Leave this post here, you'll get it right next time.

You are always the best at guiding. Great work boss

Thank you!

Welcome 😊

Thanks very much your concern… I really appreciate. And will take everything that you said into consideration. Thanks once again

You're welcome.

Thanks very much your concern… I really appreciate. And will take everything that you said into consideration. Thanks once again

Thanks very much your concern… I really appreciate. And will take everything that you said into consideration. Thanks once again

Happy Belated Birthday my dear friend. That was great a day.

Thanks bro🙏👊🏾

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