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RE: Special Museums in Vienna (2) // Spezielle Museen in Wien (2)

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Dear AG,
Thanks for the interesting link to the article about the history of the Romans in Vienna. Traces of their culture can still be found in the city center. About 35 km from Vienna you can visit the remains of a roman legionary fortress in the Archaeological Park Carnuntum. While the amphitheater is still preserved, a Roman quarter was partially reconstructed and rebuilt at its original location.

The clocks are absolutely worth seeing. There is so much craftsmanship to marvel at! It's an interesting thought experiment to imagine what the watchmakers and cartographers of that time would have made having today's knowledge.

Hoping you are doing well and enjoying the summer days.

All the best, affectionately,


Dear Anna,
Thank you for the link to Carnuntum. Beautiful and fascinating!
I am very well and peaceful. Enjoying family from afar, every day. I hope the same is true for you.
Until your next wonderful blog (I see I almost missed art.vieanna!--heading over there now!)