Learning is the best teacher

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If you have the time and energy to spare, you must strengthen your learning.

Learning can increase knowledge and increase talent. Learning can enlighten the mind and educate people. The learning function is destined to be of utmost importance.

When you have free time and energy, you can learn knowledge.

if you have enough energy, you can study literature. As long as you have free time and energy, you should use it to study, meaning that you should make use of every spare moment to study.

Learning is a long term process. The ancients came into contact with book knowledge from their receiving education of enlightenment, and some may only recognize a few words, but most people still hold to the idea of ​​"learn and be smart in official positions" and try to enter official positions through examinations. The path to achieve the highest ideals of life of a scholar - to study literature, economics and law. For such a person, studying is a career for life.

we must improve learning attitudes, value knowledge with awe, study knowledge with aspirations, and use knowledge with a changed heart; second, we must pay attention to learning. The method, we must take the time to study, study patiently and thoroughly, and study tirelessly.

It seems that whenever the time is right to start studying, as long as you have the intention of learning, and once you have "excess energy" you can reinforce your learning, then you will always have time to learn science.


I think learning is a great part of the development we all have easch day. You really cant get to know anything new without learning

If You Stop Studying, You Will Lack of Experience in Certain Areas,

Experience is the application of theory and knowledge that you have acquired through learning.

You must take the initiative to expand your knowledge and continue to hone your experience.

Oh I agree. It also depends on the information you are learning, especially nowadays where there are so many wrong sources out there