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So guys what's up, are you single or in a relationship, well I am not asking, this is the question everybody around you asks 😜right. well some of us might get lucky and passed this phase but some of us really regret getting into relationships.


life isn't easy why would we complicate things,i was going to write about friendship but I thought I should talk about this first because I see people leaving friendships behind just for the sake of their relationships .well in my opinion people might be insecure and change their priorities or they just value the most, in both case you are the one who is trying to gather all of the things together . The balance between friends and your lovers hashtag g.f/b.f right. in this case relationships without expectation would be I think is the most appropriate thing to choose.

relationships without expectations are more beautiful and long-lasting , one the great poet of all time MR SHAKESPEARE once said:-
Expectation is the root of all heartache.”
so I think it's better not to expect anything although I know it's a bit difficult for human nature and the human circle but if you understand the gist of this quote you may find things easier to digest. promises and expectations are meant to be broken but trust and comprehension of each other's can never be eradicated.... we are human beings we can make mistakes or do things that the other person might not expect from us, right .its better to understand and trust rather than to judge each other on each other's mistakes, people who had high expectations from others always suffer, it's not serene at's disturbing and dreadful. rather than developing good thoughts for each other we mark or point out the weaknesses we had because where there is love there should be no regret, no doubt, no benefits, just endearment, adoration, devotion exists.

people need a companion for themselves to ease their mood in their life. they need a person to whom they can share their life their pain, their happiness, their emotions. life is not about only things it's about human relations. relationships are easy to make but its harder to keep them
as pure as a crystal clear lagoon.


we are flashlights of each other, when one battery is low other can charge ours if not then he/she can light up the way we are going. life is too short and simple, cant we stay humble and thankful to be where we are right now.


In relationships people may get hurt, they feel lonely, betrayed, pathetic, right .you know what it not what we deserve in real, every person has their own choices to make, so why expect things according to our will. every human being is free to do things because they have the power to choose what's good and bad for them then why do we suddenly start obsessed over things that are out of our will and power. we can control ourselves but we can not stop others from their actions.

**We are just birds like creatures we want to fly but whenever air seems dangerous we stop flying and for reasons, it's better to stay because if you keep on flying that way, you may end up dead. **


so keep your expectations low, because at the end of the day we are human beings, high expectations can ravish our happiness.


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A very good post here and expectations can indeed get one into trouble.

Yep you right🙂