Waxing and Waning of Mind

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This is my original artwork.
"Waxing and Waning of Mind"
Mixed Media,72.7x53cm,2020

A hole was left in my heart from that day on.
It's pierced my heart enough to pierce it.
To fill the hole,
I went to the festival three days in a row by myself.
I've talked to people with the same problem.
But I couldn't help it.

One day a few years later,
From the moment I witnessed the death,
The will to live filled my heart.
No matter what the pain, I will survive.

I still have a heart,
Just like the phases of the moon,
A hole will open and fill.
But gradually, the gap between the two is slowing down.
They say you can't know my destiny until I'm fifty,
I want to carry on living with a shaky heart.
If it ends with a full moon, so be it.


The art is quite abstract and it matches the poem! Thanks for sharing

You're welcome. I painted this one with special care.

I can see that😊