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Since it was officially opened in 2018, Cut len ​​CATERING has carried out full activities, and has received good appreciation from the general public and catering service users from corporations and industry. community All activities are centered in a production house or professional kitchen integrated with office and management, and a representative location with a clean environment. cut len ​​CATERING provides services and carries out production activities around the clock for one month, with complete operational facilities, run by competent human resources and practitioners in the culinary and nutritional fields, as well as an experienced team in food processing and preparation, ready to serve the process as for how to make cetreng nyan requires some equipment and food and vegetables for the process of cooking the food to be served at the wedding venue

In the process of making food to be served at a wedding or party, you need experts in cooking food so that the food is delicious and delicious to taste. For example, the kitchen cooks danging, curry sauce and beef chili sauce, soto mutton and rendang. and soto ayam gadoh gadoh, which the majority of people who rent cetreng services usually prefer rendang because dangin rendang is a favorite food for invited guests. who likes it cold. What's more, the savory goat curry sauce when enjoyed becomes the center of attention to tempt the appetite. The benefits of printing cut len ​​services are one form to help make it easier for people to mature coolies. who often organizes and hosts large events such as weddings. thanksgiving or celebration in a special community environment in general. Besides that, in addition to party events, you don't have to bother looking for experts in the field of cooking that will be served to mothers, mothers, friends, friends who come to the place of the party or wedding.









Thank you for choosing us to be your place from the many caterings in Gampong Aceh Utara Lhokseumawe aceh Indonesia We are here only to present the menu for your event venue. both in the context of marriage and social gathering for mothers. We offer a variety of buffet and rice box packages as well as other services so you can choose the service that suits your needs, so don't forget to order directly in your village or city, we will come soon. ..

Thank you....
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