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Keeping the Kitchen Clean at Home with Easy Steps You must prioritize the cleanliness of the house under any circumstances. It keeps your kitchen clean and free of dirt. At first glance, you may feel that your kitchen is in good condition and kept clean. However, what exactly is it? Check out how to keep the kitchen clean properly and correctly, yuk! The importance of keeping the kitchen clean According to a study conducted by NSF International, the kitchen, especially the sink and dishwasher, is the dirtiest place in the house. Bacteria and other germs can collect on dishwashing sponges, kitchen rags, and sinks. Bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, up to hundreds of types of germs can attack your kitchen. This fact is certainly something you need to pay attention to. The reason is, the kitchen is where you process and cook food that will be served to everyone at home. If food is contaminated with germs from a dirty kitchen, it is at risk of causing various diseases, even infectious diseases. Therefore, to maintain the health of your family members, ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen is something you must prioritize. How to keep the kitchen clean at home how to store spices properly and correctly Cleaning the kitchen properly and correctly is not difficult for you to practice, really. In fact, keeping the kitchen clean indirectly helps you maintain personal hygiene and implement PHBS (Clean and Healthy Living Behavior). You can follow the simple steps below to clean a dirty kitchen. Always wash kitchen utensils after use If you have finished cooking, there is a kitchen that is used not to be left too long without cooking. wash your kitchen utensils as soon as you use them, be it pots, pans, cutting boards, or gas stove cleaners. This is important to avoid germs nesting on the surface of your cookware. Use dish soap and running water to wash all cooking utensils. If necessary, look for cleaning products that have antibacterial properties. The dishwasher sponge removes all kinds of dirt from laundry every day to keep your kitchen clean










Good friends who like to cook. don't forget to clean and tidy up after cooking so that your kitchen is well organized. so that the creation of a healthy kitchen and everything becomes beautiful .. our clean kitchen is healthy. #hive