Celebrate small wins!

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Do you get excited if you achieve anything small? Like making the perfect cup of coffee or if your indoor plant blooms a flower?

Ask yourself and you will get the answer whether you celebrate your small wins or not!



Now the question is why we should celebrate small wins? Because we don't even consider them as a win sometimes, right? Actually this is why we should give up applause that we achieved something. It's not easy to notice small achievements and we always don't feel that way to celebrate it. But believe me, if you learn to do that you will boost your level of happiness automatically.

Only looking for long term achievement can make us ignorant about little happiness, small achievement and also about life. You know, these little things actually build our life, build us as a person. Noticing them, approving, and embracing them is way more necessary.

  • Find out what you have achieved on a daily basis. Get excited, even if you are not feeling that way. Make others know you have done something good. Reward yourself on your wins.

  • Establish some habits which can lead you to achieve small things. Reading a page before bed every day can lead you to finish the whole book in no time.

  • Our mind is not present enough to embrace our small wins. Try to live in the present moments. Be mindful and notice your good deeds.

Think, how our life would be if we forget to feel good about ourselves. This realization, recognition, and celebration will make us a better person every day. And will lead us to find the path of success.


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