Facing our fears!

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Life is full of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. It would not be an honest statement if we say we don't have any fears. From our personal fears to fears of different events, there are many. But the thing is no matter how brave you are, it's not easy to face our fear, right?



Recognizing, facing, understand, and overcoming fear is always challenging. But as fear makes a huge barrier on moving forward and developing ourselves as a person so I believe we must take the time to face our fears

Let's see how we can do that?

  • Ask yourself questions about what's making you fearful, uncomfortable and anxious and WHY? Answer yourself honestly. Let the darkness come out in the light.

  • Sit with your fear and recognize it. Sometimes we keep our fears hidden from ourselves also. We never let the feeling of fear coming out. We are so scared to face it. That's why sitting with fear is necessary.

  • See the reality. It's hard to come out of fear but we have to understand that most of our fear is made up and invalid. Cross-check if there's any reason to be fearful anymore.

  • Talk about it to lose it. Talk with your closest one about it, get help if necessary. You know, people help a lot to get out of fear.

  • Appreciate yourself. Give yourself thanks that you gathered the courage face it, talk about it, and get rid of it. It may not solve your issues but will make you stronger.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do to us to get rid of fear is, knowing ourselves better. Give yourself time, connect with thyself to know what's happening inside you sub-conscious, what's letting you be fearful, and what you need to so to get out of it. I hope if we can do these, gradually we can make the path to get out of fear!