Hive Town Hall 1: Hive and Demographic Data

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If you've spent enough time on the Hive Blockchain, like me, you've probably noticed something. Demographic data is not favoured on the Hive Blockchain. You are not asked your age, sex, specifics about where you are from, or any of the other information that is commonly required by internet forms, as we all know and have experienced in this digital age.

So, what's the background behind this design? I'm curious. Hive is a blockchain-based social media network. As a social media platform, it allows for social interaction. When dealing with people socially, you must be able to address them properly, and demographic information plays a crucial role in this regard. Most people's usernames and profile photographs do not reflect their gender, and reading their bio may not reveal much about them.

Hive, on the other hand, chose to bypass this, thus here are my theories as to why:

  • Is it possible that it's a result of using the Steemit template word for word?
  • Is it possible that it's due to Hive's decentralised nature?
  • Is it possible that this is a purposeful endeavour to combat racism and prejudice?
  • Is it possible that there was a design flaw? It's as if it slipped the devs' minds? There is a lot to speculate about.

How big of a deal is this?

It is not a major problem for most people on the Blockchain, and it is minor for me, but it is a recurring one.

So, I wondered, why does the blockchain value demographic data less? Is this a problem that has to be dealt with?

To assist me resolve this, I contacted a veteran, @Readthisplease, to hear his perspective.
Here's what he had to say:

@Readthisplease' thoughts on Hive and Demographic Information

So Hive is a decentralized platform on the blockchain, in as much as it’s a social media platform, it’s also a Decentralized exchange platform. One of the main features of the blockchain and cryptocurrency is to make users anonymous. Decentralization and blockchain don’t really care about your age, gender, colour or any feature. This is why, when you try to open a DEX wallet this information is worthless, all they want you to do is save your keys.

Having those details on your account can restrict the account to that user. But do you know that a Hive account is an asset that can be passed or inherited? Imagine Hive in the next 50 years, people can inherit the account and continue the legacy from where the prodigy stopped. Imagine an account with a female gender being used by a male after inheriting the keys.

Decentralization gives you the opportunity to be what you want to be, you don’t have to limit yourself to everything. So I will say that it’s possible that it’s due to Hive’s decentralized nature.

The featured author @readthisplease has done a very good job highlighting the fact that Hive is a decentralized and even transferrable social media platform. User privacy and anonymity remain on top of its priorities as well.

Thanks, @readthisplease for contributing to this edition of the Hive Town Hall (#HTH). Also, the author has invited the following users to join the conversation, your contributions will be appreciated:

If you are reading this, feel free to join the conversation and invite your friends to join in.
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You know, @readthisplease said all there is to say. Hive is an asset. Just imagine trying to go through all that tedious process just to get into a woman's account. I believe that the decentralized platform is deliberately in obliterating unnecessary requirements. All that matters is you and how much you manage what you have not who you are or where you come from. Let's leave that to Facebook

Thanks @deraa for emphasizing this point. Maybe, sometime in the future, I'll have you featured on the Hive Town Hall.

I really appreciate your feedback.


Let's leave that toFacebook

Let's leave nothing to Facebook.


Hi @deraa, do you mind featuring on the Town Hall for next week? It's an interesting topic, and the format is being changed a little?

I promise not to stress you 😅!

Uhm... Sure. If I do have an answer to your questions that is...😅

Lol. Can i message you privately? I think I know where to find you! 😉

Or you could share your discord username.

We're familiar on WhatsApp ehn? Hit me on WhatsApp

You are right that the profile does not request for either male or female either when registering. The truth is, none of that is needed. It is not a centralised platform where your personal information is needed.

I feel the main aim for it being like this is having any person relating from which background to come on to Hive being free enough to relate with people.

Hive doesn't need those background data like other centralised platforms that takes our data and sometimes use it for something unsafe.

Also @readthisplease is right! This account is an asset and it can be inherited so why having to set a gender to an account. As far as I know, you don't need to be any gender to hold an asset by the way.

PS:Using tag like OCD and OCDB is completely a waste in use of tags, you can never be curated from them that way

That's awesome @starstrings01. I appreciate your feedback and how you've elaborated on the points shared by the co-author.

Thanks for coming around!

PS:Using tag like OCD and OCDB is completely a waste in use of tags, you can never be curated from them that way

You know I just took note of this today. I'll be guided. Thanks a lot.

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This is a really nice initiative hive town hall. You're doing really well @zestimony, I've learnt something new today and it's all thanks to your amazing idea.

I'm really happy you're benefiting from the initiative. You're free to offer your suggestions, so that with you, we can make Hive better.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sure, I'll drop mine once I have any. Keep up the good work dear.

Thanks dear.

Obviously you're completely missing the point of the opportunity that you're given.

It is on you to share what kind of detail is you're going to give out.

Best of luck but I just see you trying to reach.

Instead of actually interacting....


You know I've looked at this your comment repeatedly. I'm just lost actually.

I'll appreciate it if you could shed more light on this.

I'm interested in learning what you've to say and how I should improve

Why are you tagging others?

Why don't you let your original thoughts and content stand by themselves.

And personally I would definitely work on learning more about this technology before you start trying to play with the big dogs.

This is a pretty wild place so you better be careful.

Now just imagine what will happen if one of these big dogs suddenly decides that they don't like you tagging them without permission?

It's totally one thing for me to and as me and my friends have an excellent understanding especially with the knowledge of not to overuse tagging others.

However tagging a big account comes with its own risks which I'm sure you haven't been around long enough to understand what consequences of those can be.

I wish you much luck in your mission and adventure.

Alright. I understand your point now. Thanks for the enlightenment, I'll reconsider the approach!

I wish you much success in future endeavors.

Thanks bro. I'll be careful. Permit me to tag you later in the future. I hope to share my experience with others in the hive learner's community on what I've learnt about tagging users on the Blockchain.

And your feedback here is invaluable.

I appreciate your comment. Thanks for reaching out.

Why do you find this a recurring minor problem? I don't understand your issues here. I'd suggest you learn exactly what blockchain technology is, what Hive is and why it's different from traditional social media.

This is not Facebook for cash!

I look forward to hearing why it's a problem for you!

Best wishes.

Alright. Thanks for your feedback.

Just as you and others has emphasized. The Blockchain is different from the world as we know it, and it's just part of it's design.

I understand better now. Was actually trying to evoke responses, and it's good you found it worthy of your comment.

Further episodes of the town hall will be better, I promise. Maybe, I could feature you if you don't mind.

Though, currently working on changing how it is done.

It's a learning curve I'm still driving through.

I'm also welcome to more topic suggestions. Though, I've got more interesting ones coming up in the future.

I think the main reason Hive doesn't collect that information is because it has no need to. The main reason other platforms ask your age, sex, ethnicity, etc. is because they are selling your information to advertisers for a profit. Collecting demographic information and selling it is basically the whole business model of Facebook and The Others.

Hive does not sell your information to anyone, so they have no use for it. Demographic information is completely irrelevant to you interactions with the blockchain. It doesn't forbid the sharing of that information. You can put it in your profile, if you want, and many people do.

I can't say for sure what the developers were (or are) thinking as they build the platform, but it seems likely that privacy and de-commercialization were among their concerns.

Also, if you don't mind, I will like to feature you in an edition in the future, the topic is already selected. If it seems good to you, you may drop off your discord username, and I'll meet up with you their.

I'm still and always open to suggestions and more ideas.

I don't really use Discord, and I don't currently remember my username. You're welcome to feature me or any of my blog wherever or however you like.

I look forward to seeing future Hive Town Hall posts. I'll comment when I have something to say, but this is my busy time of year, and I won't be engaging on Hive quite as much until around November.

Wow! That's interesting. Nonetheless, it's nice meeting you! We will always stay in touch occasionally!

Thanks a lot for your very kind and educating response. I really and honestly appreciate it.

I think, when comments are made like this in a constructive manner, without sounding harsh or rude, it spurs higher levels of engagement.

You've really answered well, and I appreciate once again. At least, the fundamental nature of Hive has been made open, a purposeful design, deliberate at providing high levels of privacy to the users. The user chose how much information he or she is willing to give out, which makes a lot of sense.

Also, with this design, there's no need to spend huge amounts in time and money, developing complicated algorithms to match users interst with contents, to glue them more to the platform, against their will, a practice common to social media platforms today.

I wish to see more of your responses on future editions of the Town Hall. Gracias!

Thanks for making this post learnt something new

You're welcome @jaydee10. I'm happy you've learnt something fresh 😅!