#LIL: Another Collection of Photos for the LMAC Image Library

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Have you seen me? I'm the lady wandering around with her eyes pealed as she looks for worthy photo subjects. It takes just an instant to pick up the camera, focus and snap. Snap, and snap. Many of the pictures don't work out because I'm not a photographer. But picture hunting is fun. My husband and I have found new places to take our constitutional.

Surely you have heard about LIL? This is the Image library that is an extension of the LMAC community, but is open to all who are on the Hive blockchain. Please join us. Take pictures and contribute them to this Hive resource. Visit the library and 'borrow' unique images, contributed by members of the Hive community.

Lily, the LIL Librarian/Search Bot


LMAC, of course, is the dynamic collage-creating community that has thrived on the blockchain for a couple of years now. Check out our most recent LMAC contest announcement, posted by @shaka (community founder and leader) here. Check out the rules regulating LIL contributions and borrowing here. And, finally check out the LIL Gallery itself here. Imagine seeing your own photos featured there one day!

Our gallery exists because of the hard work and ingenuity of @shaka and @quantumg (our genius coder). But, without the participation of the community it would not grow, as it has. Become a part of that creative effort.

I hope the pictures I posted today are useful.

Thank you for reading my blog. Hive on!

Artistic Impression of a Dog Art, Dog, Beagle, Animal, Pet
Artistic Impression of a Cat and Dog Art, Cat, Dog, Cat and Dog Together, Animals, Pets
Pond in the Park Forest, Trees, Pond, Park
Black Hummer Car, Automobile, Hummer, SUV, Black Car
Vintage Mercedes Sedan Car, Automobile, White Car, Sedan
Gold SUV Automobile, Car, SUV, Gold SUV
Beaded Necklace Necklace, Beads, Beaded Necklace
Large Kitchen Knife Kitchen Knife, Large Knife, Kitchen Utensil
Pancake Flipper Pancake Turner, Pancake Flipper, Kitchen Utensil
Path in the Park Path, Park, Lantern, Grass
Pine Cone and Acorn Pine Cone, Acorn
Blue Sedan Car, Automobile, Sedan, Blue Sedan
Ceramic Creamer Creamer, Pottery, Ceramic Creamer, Kitchen
Convertible Coupe Car, Automobile, Convertible Coupe
Black and White SUV SUV, Car, Black and White SUV
Batteries Batteries, AA Battery, C Battery
House House, Shrubs
Rocks in the Park Stones, Rocks, Grass, Park
Rock Bed Rocks, Stones
Concrete Stairs in the Park Stairs, Stairway, Concrete Stairs, Metal Railing
Commercial Clothes Dryers Clothes Dryers
Cat on a Perch Cat
Kitchen Fork Fork, Eating Utensil, Tableware
Cat's Face Cat, Cat's Face
Suburban House House, Suburban House
Alert Cat Cat
Brick House in the Suburbs House, Brick House, Shrubs
Ladybug Garden Ornament Ladybug, Garden Ornament
House and Cars in the Suburbs House, Cars, Suburbs, Autumn Leaves, Halloween Theme
Ladder Ladder
Boulder in the Park Boulder, Rock, Park
Measuring Cup Measuring Cup, Cooking Utensil, Kitchen Utensil
Boulder With Shrubs in Background Boulder, Rock, Park
Spoon Gold Spoon, Kitchen Utensil
Round Stone Stone, Rock
Private Property Sign Sign, Warning Sign, Private Property
Statue in the Park Statue, Park, Shrubs
Food Shredder Cheese Shredder, Fruit Peeler, Kitchen Utensil
Broom and Dustpan Cleaning Implements, Broom, Dustpan, Household
Stone Planter With Plant Planter, Stone Planter, Park
Commercial Washing Machines Washing Machines
White SUV Car, Automobile, White SUV
Bridge in the Park Bridge, Walkway, Path, Wooden-slatted Bridge

Yes, I definitely agree with you. You must be wandering keeping your eyes fixed on vintage items and clicking at them for your album. I have a similar habit but never thought that this could make such a beautiful collage. I love your skill of putting them together. I wanted to mention the dogs, the cars but then how could I leave the rest of them, every single image in this collection is unique.

Hello @sunnyag, so nice to see you here! Thank you for liking my pictures. My camera is a puzzle to me. I really have to read the instruction manual :))

I love this project. It's got everything good in it. People are coming together, taking pictures from their home environments and sharing them. We get images from all over the world. It's a way of sharing experience.

Hope you are having a great week!

Thanks, @agmoore I love taking pictures too but most of my work is travel-related. I mostly post in #wednesdaywalk #haveyoubeen here but I am open to trying in this category with my own vast collection of images. Thanks a lot for yet another motivational post.

We would be delighted to see you contributing to our library too! Let us know anytime if you have questions!

📢 >>> https://discord.gg/6wSVQsZpuN <<< 📢

Thank you, I will definitely contribute as soon as I understand the community rules.

Thank you, I was wondering how to manage that 20% to the community? Do I need to mention that at the bottom of my post? Thanks in advance.

Hello @sunnyag,
It's going to be nice to have you in the community. Nice people here, and we do good things. Give opportunity to people and help the Hive platform to grow. That's why I'm committed. Plus it's fun.

If you want to designate a beneficiary you go to
Advanced at the bottom of the post, hit the little button next to it, and put in LMAC in beneficiary designation.

I'm curious to see the pictures you post.

Have fun!

Thanks for clarifying my doubts, I will not participate in the ongoing contest, but definitely post my own images in this wonderful community. Sorry for the delayed answer, you know the timezone difference :) You're kind and helpful.

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