LIL: Assorted Pictures for the Hive Community

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Today I offer an assortment of pictures for LIL, LMAC's image library. There is no overarching theme to these photos. I snapped each of them because they caught my attention. It seemed to me these might be useful in making collages. I hope that's true.

If you are not familiar with LIL, then you might want to head on over there now and see the great variety of pictures available to Hive bloggers. Bloggers may borrow from and contribute to the library. Rules for participating are described here. LMAC's (Let's Make a Collage) weekly collage contest continues today. You can still enter this week's contest. It doesn't end until tomorrow night.

As always, I thank @shaka for creating the LMAC community, and for infusing it with the positive, creative energy that has fostered amazing growth. I thank my fellow team members, @mballesteros and @quantumg, for helping to keep the LMAC motor running smoothly.

Bird in Hand Bird, Hand
Scoreboard Athletics, Sports, Scoreboard, Baseball
People People, Man, Woman, Humans, Person
People People, Man, Humans, Person
Small House With Garage House, Garage, Dwelling, Home
Grey House House, Home, Dwelling
House With Bay Window House, Home, Dwelling
Brick House House, Home, Brick, Dwelling
Pallet With Barrel Barrel, Pallet, Trash Bin
Stone Footpath Footpath, Stone
Cup Cup, Kitchen Implement
Blue and White Car Car, Automobile, Vehicle, Transportation
Rabbit and Duck Statues Ornaments, Statues, Rabbit Statue, Duck Statue
Lion Statue Lawn Ornament, Lion Statue
Fawn Statue Lawn Ornament, Fawn Statue, Deer Statue
Bumble Bee on a Stick Lawn Ornament, Bumble Bee
Well Stone Well
Ceramic Pottery Vase, Pottery, Ceramic
Metal Trailer Farm Equipment, Trailer, Metal
Utility Van With Worker Truck, Van, Van With Ladder, Worker, Human, Man, Person
Woman Walking Woman, Person, Human

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Inkwell logo.jpg
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Great pictures, I love the well!

Thank you, @one-eye. I love the well too. I don't think it's a real well (that is, functioning), but seems to be one of those odd decorations suburbanites like to put in their front yards. Often I will see hitching posts, for example, but no sign of a horse ;))

I appreciate your comment and your visit. Have a great week.

You always provide a varied group of beautiful pictures. They are clear, sharp and easy to use by everyone. You are a great asset to the LMAC community. Thank you for your contributions.

@pokerm: you are always a tonic. I am grateful for your positive, encouraging comments. Thank you!

I see more useful images in here for the community. I love the bumblebee on a stick, I'll need to remember this for next time. All prepped and ready for everyone, awesome!

Hello @thequizshow, Thank you! I used to not have patience to stop and take pictures. Now that I do (for LIL) I see things I never noticed before.

I'm glad you may find use for these images. Nice to see them from other perspectives.

Have a great week. Looking forward to seeing your creation when @shaka publishes his new photo tomorrow.

Hi @agmoore.

This is really a great material. Very usefull for putting them in artworks.
Thank you very much for your great contribution.

I hope you are having a great Sunday.
Sending you friendly hugs :-)

My friend @quantumg,
You make me happy with your comment. I know you wouldn't say it unless you meant it.

We just got back from an evening walk (my husband and I). We missed the sun, but still fresh air is good.

Thank you for visiting and for your uplifting comment. Enjoy your week my friend.

I feel more comfortable with brick houses
What a beautiful yellow bird, it's very cute👍

Thank you very much. When I see the brick and wooden houses I think of that children's story about the three little pigs. The brick house is the only one that holds up.

I appreciate your visit. Have a great week!

It's pleasure dear 😊 have nice moments
People standing in front of a lion statue to take capture, it's also an other idea

If we put people walking beside this amazing blue car near brick house, it will be amazing

That's a great idea for a collage...or a painting.

Thanks for visiting and for commenting.

Good morning 🌞 it's possible to make people drinking water in a cup

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Thank you for your support. Much appreciated!

Now people don't have to rush to png sites, especially if they are looking for these particular elements.

The bumblebee is amusing ❤️

Thanks. I'm new to photography, but learning it is fun. That bumblebee was sticking out of someone's lawn.

Have a great week.

I'm grateful it made my day as well 😊

You too @agmoore