LIL: Flower Cutouts and Nature Scenes

The pictures posted here today are comprised mostly of cutouts, but there are also scenes depicted. I was able to catch flowers in their first bloom and some of them look quite spectacular up close. I have a simple camera, but still I like the way these shots came out.

These pictures, of course, are for LIL, the image resource gallery of the LMAC community. The gallery is a library from which anyone can borrow, and anyone on Hive can contribute to the library. This blog explains rules and procedures.

The gallery has over 7500 images and is the result of @shaka's inspiration. Both @shaka and @quantumg have been working hard, developing the site and designing new features. The indefatigable @mballesteros rounds out the LIL team to keep the LIL library functioning smoothly, with quality pictures.

At the moment LMAC is running its collage contest. The prizes are always significant, but this week they are especially tempting because our fellow Hivean @balte has added 30 Hive to the prize pool. There is plenty of time to enter. Contest rules and procedures may be found here.

I hope all my readers will check out our library. I not only contribute, but also borrow pictures when I write blogs for any community. Most recently I borrowed an image for a book review. LIL is a handy resource and offers material not available on other public domain sites.

Thank you for reading my blog. Hive on!

Pink Flower Flower, Blossom, Stamen
White, Yellow and Purple Flowers Flower, Flowers, Blossom
Red Flower Blossom, Flower, Stamen
Red and Orange Flower Blossom, Flower, Stamen
Red Flower Up-Close Flower, Blossom, Stamen
Pink Flowers, Up-Close Pink Flowers, Flower, Stamen, Blossom
Purple Flower With Leaf Flower, Blossom
Orange Flower With Leaf Flower, Blossom
Yellow Flower Up-Close Flower, Blossom, Stamen
Flower With Ant Eating Nectar Flower, Ant, Blossom
Pink Flower With Leaf Flower, Blossom, Stamen, Leaf
Green Leaf Plant Plant, Green Leaf, Leaves
Green Leaf Plant Plant, Green Leaf, Leaves
White and Yellow Flower UP-Close Flower, Plant, Stamen
White Flower With Leaves Flower, Plant, Leaves, Blossom
Dandelion Up-Close Plant, Blossom, Dandelion Blossom, Flower
Garden Cow Figure Garden Ornament, Cow Ornament
Red Porch Chair With Broom Chair, Broom, Porch Accessory, Furniture
Garden Bunny Bunny Ornament, Garden Ornament, Animal Figure
Kitten in a Tree Kitten Figure, Garden Ornament, Animal Figure
Heart-Shaped Flower Garden Garden, Ornamental Garden, Plants
Dog Statue With Flower Basket Dog Statue, Flowers, Leaves, Plants
Flower Garden Flowers, Plants, Garden
Garden Ducks and Rocks Rocks, Duck Figures, Ornaments. Animal Figures
Flower Bush Flower, Plant, Bush, Shrub
Partially Submerged Log Log, Pond, Wood
Small Waterfall in a Pond Footbridge, Pond, Waterfall, Bridge
Footbridge Over a Stream Stream, Bridge
Small Rock Dam in a Stream Small Dam, Rocks, Stream
Woodpile Woodpile, Wood

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The pure flower power.
Why do I always think of hippies when I see flowers? 😂
Best regards and thank you @agmoore! 😎

Hello my friend @muelli. So nice to see you here.

Why do I always think of hippies when I see flowers?

Isn't that a nice thought?😇

Looking forward to seeing your collage this week. I know you will both startle and amuse me.

Be well.

Hello friend, I hope you are well, what beautiful images of flowers, thanks for your contributions of the new images for the Lil library for the creation of collage.

Thank you my friend @cetb2008 for visiting my blog. I loved taking pictures of the flowers. Yesterday I tried to take more up close and realize the bloom is gone. The flowers are drooping and closing up. So glad I caught them when they were young.

I am well, and I hope the same is true for your. Looking forward to seeing your collage this week. Going over there right now.

Yes it's ready, thanks friend

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You and your camera did a superb job out there, the best one can do.

You do this all extracting in Gimp?

Very useful elements 👏