#LIL: More Photos for the Dynamic LMAC Image Library

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LMAC has launched the fall contest season with a stunning gallery of collages. Please take a look at the winners from last week here. Today @shaka presents another template photo, and the contest begins anew. Check out the rules for entry and the amazing template picture here. I just saw it. Wow!

An important part of the LMAC collage contest is our image library, #LIL. A dedicated website is under development. Take a look at it here. A beautiful thing to behold. We have a rich index of copyright-free images, all contributed by the LMAC community.

Rules governing LIL contributions may be found here.

My photos today are for the library. A couple of words about a few of them. The 'Man Walking was caught accidentally on camera while I was trying to snap a shot. He is related to me😇, and graciously consented to have his image used (no face, obviously). The Woman in a Red Sweatshirt was walking with me and I asked her to stop. I took her picture and that came out OK, I think. (Shown with her permission, of course).

I did not take the shot of the pool player, but she is part of the family, as is the photographer. They both gave me permission to use this rather cool image (I think it's cool, anyway). I hope you enjoy my pictures, and I hope they are useful to future collage makers. It tickles me to think the photos might appear in a work of art.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have fun!

lmac graphic3.jpg

Bird on a Pier Piling Bird, Piling, Bay
The Grist Mill and Little Neck Bay Bay, Historic Landmark, Bridge, Building
Stately House House, House With Balconey
Solitary Tree on the Bay Tree, Shore, Bay
White Flower and Green Leaves Flower, Leaves, Plant
Woman in a Red Sweatshirt Lady, Girl, Woman
Iron Sculpture Sculpture,Beach, Shrubs, Plants
Flower Pot Flowers, Flower Pot, Hanging Plant
Blue Striped Sun Hat Hat, Clothing, Apparel
Feral Cat at Feeding Cat, Shrub, Food Dish, Water Bowl
No U-Turn Sign Road Sign, No U-Turn Sign
Man Walking Man, Man Walking
Snowman Snowman, Winter
Paris Street Scene Paris Street Scene, Red Truck
Preening Bird on a Pole Bird, Bay, Pole, Piling
Notre-Dame Cathedral Cathedral, Church, Monument, Building
Stone Stairs Leading to Water Stone Stairs, Pond, Stairs
View of the Shore From a Chair Beach, Sea Barrier, Legs, Feet
Boulder Boulder, Rock, Coastal Landscape, Plants
A Paris Perspective Girl, Bicycle, Paris, Street Scene
Wedding Ring Jewelry, Gold Ring, Wedding Ring
Port Washington View Bay, Port Washington, Ship, Boats
Silhouette on a Beach Beach, Silhouette, Beach Chair, Bay
Dogs on Leashes Dogs, Suburban Street, Dogs on Leashes
Shrub With Flowers Shrub, White Flowers, Plant
Hammock Hammock, Suburban Yard, Leisure
Island in the Bay Island, Bay, Water
Tourists at the Tower of London Tourists, Tower of London, Landmark
Manhole Cover Sidewalk, Manhole Cover
Mill Pond Boat House Boat House, Trees, House
Parking Meter Meter, Parking Meter, Street Scene
Sandy Slope Sandy Slope, Brush, Plants
Beach and Person on a Chair Beach, Shore, Person in a Beach Chair
Playing Pool Billiards, Playing Pool, Female Pool Player, Recreation
Antique Wooden Box Box, Wooden Box, Antique
Shell Sculpture Cow Made of Shells, Shell Sculpture, Ornament
Gazebo in the Park Gazebo, Park
Doorknob Doorknob, Gold Doorknob

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Image by barbara-orenya

Thank you very much for curating my picture collection. Yours is the only real comment on my blog! The recognition means a lot.

Thank you, @elemarg25 🌹

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Hello friend how are you, excellent your images, thank you for your contribution to the Lmac community

Wow, this is really a long collection of images! When I do a post for LIL with so many images, I get my eyes rolling from seeing so much markdown! 👀 You did a great job! 💪